Pros and Cons of a SharePoint Intranet

by Maisie

Sharepoint intranet is a popular collaboration solution developed by Microsoft. This flexible and powerful platform offers its users rich project, communication, management and content features. Corporates and companies of mid to large size can utilize it to bring their employees from different departments together and let the corporate culture bloom. 

Although the mighty sharepoint has a lot to offer, it still is not completely free of shortcomings and that’s what we’re going to share with you today. But before you start this article why don’t you go over these brief reads about customer service vs. customer support and basics and tips on how to become a salesforce developer.

Sharepoint Intranet

As we said earlier, sharepoint is platform for collaboration established by Microsoft in 2003. At first, it was introduced as a document management tool but with time it evolved into a content management system. It was the first ever technology that created intranet for corporates to allow them to connect people for the purpose of communicating and sharing information in the same company

Microsoft sharepoint offers many built-in features. You can either install it or utilize it in software-as-a-service (Saas) mode. To make our point, let us tell you that famous names such as Nestle, Ikea and NASA use sharepoint intranet. 


  • Sharepoint intranet offers self-service, information and learning management services to its employees to make things easier for them. 
  • For the purpose of better digital workplace management, it offers collaboration sites, project management services, quick links to relevant information and alerts and notifications about important deadlines and milestones.
  • The features it offers for content and knowledge management are truly diverse including but not limited to storage in multiple formats, knowledge base, document management, AI powered personalization, advanced search and policy management.
  • To secure the data shared through this platform and to make sure that there is compliance, sharepoint offers, access control, data encryption, regulatory compliance, audit trail, two-factor authentication, automatic log-off and versioning.  
  • It also offers communication tools and various other social features. 


The following are the plus points of sharepoint that make it sought-after.

Limitless Functionality

You’ll be surprised to learn about the functional features of sharepoint. The software comes with built-in functions for content management, document and workflow management and collaboration among and between teams for smooth operation of enterprise.  It also offers services for the management of knowledge base and issues of the enterprise.

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Sharepoint is flexible and customizable in true sense. The extensive customization ability of this software lets you make an intranet with custom web-parts, add-ins for specific activities and corporate branding. You’ll have an intranet that molds to how you work.


One of the most attractive features of sharepoint is its ability to integrate with Office 365 and other Microsoft tools without any assistance from developers. It can also integrate with ERP, CRM, ITSM, DMS, BI and many other systems. This opens doors of many exciting opportunities for the enterprises.


Since sharepoint is a very popular platform, there are many companies that offer sharepoint services such as migration, customization and full time support. So, if you ever run into problem with your intranet, rest assured as there is a lot of help offered out there. 


Unnecessary Features

It’s more of a challenge than a con as it depends upon how you gauge the needs of your company. If you opt for multiple out-of-box intranet features, it might make your intranet very heavy and render it less user-friendly. So, you must know what fits your needs the most.

Expensive Customization

Customization is nice and all but you’ll need to invest time and money in large amounts to achieve it. If you’re in a hurry and are on a tight budget than you’ll be in a pickle. 

Extra Efforts in Integrations

We know we said that integration is easy with sharepoint. However, there are times when you’ll have to put in extra effort and money in their development to best fit your project.

Final Words

We have discussed all the important pros and cons of sharepoint. Before deciding on whether it is right for business or not, you must contemplate on your needs and the features sharepoint offers. You should also keep your budget and time in consideration. 

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