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One of the things that you will learn from reading about this article is that $20M was raised for a Series A investment. This is a huge deal, especially in the technology space. It shows that the founders of this company believe in their idea, and that they are willing to take the risk to fund it. The company hopes to reduce food waste and increase the number of consumers that eat healthier foods. They also hope to use their Founders of the 20m Series to further their product.


The Founders of the 20m series is a group of entrepreneurs, VCs, and others who want to give startups the exposure and resources they need to succeed. They provide a database of startups, articles, and videos pertaining to the startup industry. Their website also provides a directory of venture capitalists.

This website cites one of the largest seed-stage investments in recent history. Greylock, in particular, has a sizable fund. In the most recent round, the VC made headlines by acquiring a majority stake in Redpoint, a mobile payments company. The company closed a $20 million Series A round about 12 months prior to its Series B. Some of its investors include PayPal co-founders Max Levchin and Elon Musk. While Greylock is not an unfamiliar name in the VC world, Stripe is a more familiar face.

Another notable name is Niko Bonatsos, the managing director of General Catalyst. Bonatsos is a tech geek who knows a thing or two about tech startups. He has invested in the likes of Numerade, Dubsmash, and Collective. His other portfolio includes a variety of small cap companies, including Bounce, Remote, and ClassDojo.

Raised $20 million in Series A funding

If you’re looking to raise money from angels and venture capitalists, you may want to consider a $20 million Series A round. These companies are using the funds to build out their businesses and expand internationally. They’ll typically need to prove their business model and weaknesses to potential investors. Often, they’ll raise a series of smaller rounds before securing a Series A round.

One of these companies is Stripe, an online payment platform with offices in New York, Seattle, and London. In November, Stripe announced a $150 million Series D funding round, led by CapitalG. Additionally, PayPal co-founders Elon Musk and Max Levchin are among the company’s investors.

Another is Impel NeuroPharma, a clinical stage biotechnology firm based in Seattle. The company received $21 million in its Series C funding round, as well as $15 million in a contingent milestone payment. It is currently developing intranasal drug treatments for central nervous disorders.

Reducing food waste

There is a booming startup ecosystem dedicated to reducing food waste. The aforementioned 20m is a relatively young startup, but the company has raised over $32 million so far. Other startups with similar claims include ad-hoc food sharing network OLIO and social commerce platform TreeDots. Using a combination of technology and social media, consumers can order meals from businesses that have leftover ingredients. This saves both money and the planet.

Collective is a San Francisco based startup that’s tackling food waste at the commercial and consumer levels. It’s a software platform that addresses the food waste problem in a scalable manner. A key component is its food waste solution, which aims to reduce food waste by up to 20%. In addition to the technology, the company has a consumer app that allows users to order meals that have been made from ingredients that were destined for the bin.

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