Microsoft’s 3D Capture: Why is it better than any other 3D scanning mobile app?

by Maisie

When someone hears about 3D, they associate it with highly advanced graphic design that only the professionals at Pixar can try and not your next-door stay-at-home mom. Many efforts have been made to make 3D imaging easy and for everyone but it has not been that simple. But then comes Microsoft with their mobile app for high quality 3D capturing of images.

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about Microsoft’s app for 3D scanning of objects, and how it’s better than the multiple other apps you may find out there. But first, why don’t you take a small detour and check out these articles about the development of your salesforce project and telemedicine app development

3D Capture

3D scanning basically is the analysis of any object, person or your surroundings to collect data. That is how you get 3D models for any project that you’ve got going. There are many ways to scan for 3D but today we’re going to focus on the mobile apps developed specifically for this purpose. 

Microsoft App 3D Scanning

Microsoft isn’t the first one to come up with an app for 3D scanning, Windows, iOS and Android have also introduced their versions long ago. But Microsoft has promised the following features to its users that are worth checking out. 

Real Scanning

Most of the other apps that you may come across can scan objects in 3D in these steps. They first ask you to take 15-20 pictures of the object or whatever it is from various angles and then upload them to the sever. Then the app will bring together all the images and make a model for you to download. 

Unlike those apps, Microsoft asks you to scan the object in real time. As you take your mobile phone and circle the object, the app doesn’t take pictures but rather analyzes the various angles of it on the fly for the model to be prepared. 

Quick Processing

There are apps that produce high quality 3D models but they heavily rely on fast internet and cloud servers. Users have to wait patiently for at least 20-30 minutes to download their models, that too if an error doesn’t occur. 

That’s not the case with Microsoft’s app, since it scan the object on the fly. There is no waiting and fear of errors. It will only take 15-20 seconds tops. 

Compatibility with All

Microsoft demonstrated its first 3D scan on a Windows 10 mobile gadget but it has promised that it will soon offer all those features for multiple other devices. There was even a MicrosoftEvent hashtag movement started on Twitter by impatient fans to find out when that’d happen.

Microsoft has a chance to use Xamarin technology to bring the 3D scanning to life in Android and iOS. But whether that’ll happen or not remains to be known. 

Final Words

Microsoft’s 3D scanning app got so popular that it soon after its announcement even got a release date. The interest in 3D scanning has increased immensely recently. That’s why multiple platforms try to come up with ways to please their users. 3D scanning is not done only for fun and entertainment but also it is also used by real estate agencies to bring their ideas to life.

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