Make sure that the insurance policies are in order at home

by Maisie

For most people, home is the most important place to be. It is even more important to properly insure your home. Important insurance policies to have as a homeowner are building insurance including fire insurance, contents insurance and liability insurance. These insurance policies will be discussed below.

The importance of liability insurance

Your child knocking over an expensive antique vase from the neighbors, an accident between 2 cyclists or your child being bitten by a dog.

Damage can occur in all kinds of ways, damage to property, but also personal injury. In the latter case, you may have to deal with a personal injury lawyer (Dutch: letselschade advocaat), such as a personal injury lawyer in Amsterdam (Dutch: letselschade advocaat Amsterdam). If it is your dog that has bitten someone, this personal injury lawyer will hold you liable for personal injury.

Accident damage can be huge. For example, after a bicycle accident, someone can become incapacitated for work because he or she has suffered brain damage as a result of the collision. You can then get into serious financial trouble. Incapacity for work results in loss of income. This damage can be enormous. In many cases, this damage cannot even be compensated. Both the liable party and the personal injury victim will then run into problems.

In most countries there is no obligation to take out liability insurance. This while compulsory insurance in many countries does apply to motor vehicles. We therefore advocate that there should be an obligation to insure against liability for accidents in and around the house and on the bicycle. To date, this obligation is not known in any country.

If you are insured against liability, the liability insurance will compensate the injury damage of the other party. That is why insurance that protects you against liability is of great importance. The premium is often not that high, so that should not be a barrier to taking out liability insurance.

The home insurance

Another important insurance if a house has is home insurance. This insurance protects you against financial loss as a result of fire or leakage. Because if your house burns down, the damage is incalculable. Building insurance is therefore very important. In addition, you can often claim compensation for water damage due to a leak.

A superficies is not a compulsory insurance. This while the consequences of a fire can be enormous. We therefore advise you to always take out home insurance.

The contents insurance

We are not only careful with our house, but also with the things in the house. Like that beautiful expensive leather sofa or the precious painting. Not to mention jewelry in the house.

You can insure yourself for the contents separately from the house by means of contents insurance. The premium often depends on the value of your household effects.

The value of your household effects can change over time. That is why it is important that you ensure that your sum insured is recalculated periodically.

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