Labiaplasty Surgery

by Maisie

Happiness and confidence of women It does not arise from the beauty of appearance or skin alone because of the ‘sister’ or female genitalia. It also plays an important role in bringing happiness and confidence to women as well. Therefore, when younger sisters have problems with not being firm, sagging, or sagging, it is normal for women to lose their self-esteem and not dare to engage in bed-making activities with young men. But nowadays, the beauty industry has gone very far. Because it’s not just about facial or body surgery. But there is also a surgery called sister. ‘Labiaplasty surgery’ that helps restore firmness fitness and say goodbye to troubling campfire problems

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What is Lebia Cut?

Labiaplasty Surgery or decorated labia small cams. It is the wings of a butterfly that many people understand. It is located next to the vulva that every woman must have. Each woman has a different size and color of the labia minora. Some of them may be small, normal in size, or may be too large to protrude beyond the large cams. Makes it look like a camouflage, protrusion, or saggy cam that many people are worried about is a bad appearance.

The change in the size of the labia minora can be caused by many factors, including hormones, sexual intercourse. Natural childbirth and increasing age is also an important slate. Therefore, Labiaplasty Surgery is another solution that can help solve the problem and reduce the problem directly. beauty night fitness That helps strengthen the confidence of women. It also reduces the chances of vaginal infections as well. But Lebia’s removal is a cosmetic surgery on the female genitalia. That is complex and requires many factors together. Both the resolution, knowledge, expertise, including understanding the anatomical structure. They have very precise surgical skills. to make the surgery as safe as possible

Cut Labia, does it hurt? Questions girls want to know

Reputed to be surgery for sure. ‘Pain’ has to always go hand in hand. But such pain will only occur after surgery. Due to the surgical procedure, the doctor will use sleeping pills for the patient. An anesthetic is then injected around the surgical incision and only the part of the labia minora that is protruding abnormally will be incision. Decorated with a doctor’s technique to make the shape as close to the normal size as possible. And it only takes about 1 hour for the surgery. (Waiting for symptoms to continue for about 1 hour, if complete, no abnormal symptoms can go home) The pain will be when the anesthetic starts to wear off and in the first 1-2 weeks the wound will have a little swelling. There is a tight feeling around the wound, so avoid vigorous movements. and abstain from slang foods such as pickled foods, seafood, alcoholic beverages, and cigarettes for 1-2 months after the surgery. including strictly following the advice of the doctor This will help the wound get in quickly and reduce the chance of infection.

Advantages of Labia Surgery

– Help fix small cams that are large. or having unequal and deformed cams

– Suitable for women who have undergone childbirth through natural methods. That results in a smaller cam size.

– Helps reduce chronic irritation in the small cam area that may occur in women who wear tight clothing during sex or while playing some sports

– Reduce inflammation of the cam during menstruation

– Reduce the chance of vaginal infection

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