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Right now, the kurta is the season’s hottest trend. From street style to red carpet, kurtas are taking over. Kurtas they’re a traditional outfit worn in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The word kurta is derived from the Urdu word kurt, meaning clothe. They are worn mostly by men in the subcontinent and are generally unisex. The versatility of the kurta is endless, and so are its designs.

The Cuff-less Kurta: This kurta design is also known as the U.S.A. Kurta because it’s a classic American-style kurta that is popular in India. The cuff-less kurta has a straight hemline with a side slit and buttons at the neckline to adjust the fit. It can be worn with low heels and carries an elegant yet breezy vibe, perfect for any occasion.

The Flared Kurta: This is the perfect kurta for office wear. The flared bottom will help you breezily walk through the corridors and give you that chic-meets-cool vibe. Pair this one with a clutch and studded heels to complete the look.

Pleating Kurta: Pleating is the detailing that brings out the best in any kurta. The pleats are tied at the back, making for an elegant and beautiful look. This kurta has an excellent shape and can be worn with a skirt or jeans with ease.

A-Line Kurta: A-Line Kurta with embroidery; this kurta is a beautiful example of how traditional Indian clothing can be updated with modern styles. We love the embroidered details on this one, which is conventional and fashionable. With its A-line cut and gold embroidery, this kurta will give you an effortlessly chic look perfect for work or a casual day out.

Wrapped Neck Kurta: This kurta is super chic and straightforward. This style is perfect for a day at the office or shopping with your friends. Knee-length kurtas like these are comfortable, stylish, and figure-flattering.

Half-Sleeve or Full-Sleeve Kurta: A kurta is traditionally a half-sleeved garment with loose-fitting that’s worn over pants or skirts. Today, you’ll find that the sleeves can vary in length and style. For example, some have long sleeves while others are sleeveless. You may also find that they’re cuffed at the end or flared at the elbow. Some will have ruffles along the half-length sleeve, while others may be plain and simple. The length of the kurta can also vary from a short-cropped style to one that reaches well below the knees. You’ll also find them in various types: the mandarin collar, Nehru collar, boat neck, shalwar kameez style, etcetera. The design options for this outerwear are limitless, and it’s all up to you to decide how you want your kurta to look!

The Plain or V-Neck Kurta: The plain or v-neck kurta is the simplest kurtas. It’s the perfect attire for work, and it’s also available in different lengths to pick your preference accordingly. This kurta looks best when teamed with a matching plain or printed dupatta. Add some jewellery to enhance your look, and you’re good to go!

Bottomless or Boat Neck: The kurta is a wardrobe staple, and with so many different styles, the options are endless. However, one of our favorites is the boat neck kurta. The boat neck kurta will make your neckline look longer and slimmer than the constantly popular deep V-neck cuts. A boat neck kurta can be paired with jeans or churidars for an everyday look that’s still chic.

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