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Founded by Brett Woitunski and Nate Hudson, PureVolume was the first independent music website. Before the Internet, musicians had to rely on record labels to get their music to the masses. In the beginning, PureVolume was a website that allowed artists to upload music files to the site.

Buzzmedia bought PureVolume

BUZZMEDIA’s recent acquisition of Spin magazine strengthens its presence in the music editorial arena. Spin is one of the most important music industry magazines and had a stellar track record of covering music and pop culture, both in print and digital formats. Spin was founded in 1985 by Bob Guccione Jr., and was acquired by the McEvoy Group for $5 million in 2006. Spin has been in decline over the years, but has recently been revived by BuzzMedia.

BUZZMEDIA owns a number of websites and online properties, including Pure Volume, Buzznet, and XLR8R. Buzzmedia’s music division is now the fourth-largest digital publisher of original music content on the Web. It’s also a leader in pop culture, with 120 million unique monthly visitors.

Buzzmedia’s digital properties include AbsolutePunk, XLR8R, PureVolume, Punk News, The Superficial, Gorilla vs. Bear, and Brooklyn Vegan. They are among the top 40 most-trafficked online destinations in the U.S.

Buzzmedia recently announced plans to enter the feature and long-form editorial worlds. CEO Tyler Goldman says the company will expand its digital distribution. He says the company will continue to invest in its SPIN editorial team. He also says the company will increase the influence of XLR8R in North America.

Buzzmedia also recently purchased an iPad application and an events business. Buzzmedia’s brands and websites represent a unique perspective of millennials and popular culture. The company uses deep audience engagement and innovative advertising solutions to target its audiences.

ReverbNation is a platform for independent artists to host their music online

Founded by Unborn Media, Inc., PureVolume was originally a website designed to find and promote up-and-coming artists. It was also an outlet for independent labels looking for new talent. It was acquired by SpinMedia in 2010.

Tha Artist Network is an online social networking site designed to connect clients and entertainment businesses. It provides news from around the world, as well as classified listings. It also provides access to record labels, music industry experts, and hot deals.

Songkick provides a platform for live music on the web. It features a library of instrumental tracks from major industry master owners, along with the opportunity to write with established music industry pros. Users can also track their favorite bands, and receive email alerts when bands are coming to town. Songkick also provides access to a network of new tools and services, including the chance to collaborate with other artists.

BandPage provides a powerful platform for musicians to grow their fan base and develop new revenue streams. It also provides an online store for selling merchandise. It connects musicians to hundreds of millions of fans on multiple platforms.

PureVolume’s community is made up of fans and artists. The website is designed to promote new music, while also allowing listeners to interact with artists and upvote their songs. It also allows fans to save their favorite songs to their devices. The website has a wide variety of features, including a web browser, where all songs can be streamed for free.

PureVolume’s page contains crabcore breakdowns, Blink-182 rip-offs, and rap-metal embarrassments

Throughout the past decade, we’ve seen a number of acts release albums that would go on to define the subgenre they helped create. Some were huge, while others proved that a movement can resurface again years later.

The first album released in the first year of this decade was Chocolate Starfish. It had a high-budget production and high-profile music videos. But it had too much polish, and the harsh vocals didn’t match the production.

The second album released in 2002 was Oceanic. It featured a ferocious storyline, dynamic music, and an aquatic theme. It also marked the debut of Aaron Turner’s lead quintet.

After breaking into the metalcore scene with their debut, Shadows Fall began to climb higher with each release. They’ve now reached diamond status, with eleven million records sold in the United States alone. They’ve been nominated for a GRAMMY.

While ‘Alive or Just Breathing’ set the bar in the infant stages of the metalcore genre, it’s their 2006 follow-up that really exploded. The album ripped off Halloween-themed darkness, and it created a record with booty-shaking rhythms and positive lyrics.

While their earlier work was more bizarre than Adult Swim at 3AM, Conditions of My Parole brought their music to its full potential. They crafted a genuine rock album, and it showcased the greater sophistication of each member.

Killswitch Engage’s ‘Alive or Just Breathing’ also set the bar for the genre. Their clean vocals, pummeling grooves, and a focus on melody made them a compelling listen. The band’s vocalist Howard Jones has a dual threat voice, able to sing clean and bark at the same time.

PureVolume’s yearly parties

Considering PureVolume’s heyday, the company had a lot of time on its hands. The company rolled out a series of conferences and tours of a sort that are worthy of a visit to the nearest hotel. In addition to its myriad conferences, it churned out a spate of high profile artists. Several are making their mark in the near future. Those looking for a tasteful night of music and a good time should be able to partake in PureVolume’s soirees. Aside from PureVolume’s booze-laden execs, it’s also a good time for the ladies of the sexies. The company’s flagship show, the Big Cheese, has long been a regular on the schedule. With an all-star lineup that includes a slew of major label acts, the sexy ladies aren’t left to fend for themselves.


Founded by Brett Woitunski and Mitchell Pavao, PureVolume is a music website that is a home for musicians and a home for music lovers. The site also aims to promote new music and new musicians. Its main claim to fame is to help emerging artists to gain exposure and boost their profile.

The site is free to join and offers users a wide selection of music to listen to. The site also offers users the chance to download free music. The site is also home to a slew of music news and events, as well as exclusive sessions. The site has also received its share of accolades, including a coveted spot on the list of top social music sites by various publications.

PureVolume has also rebranded to a blue based name to better reflect the revamped look and feel of the site. Aside from its plethora of free music and music news, PureVolume has also played a part in the rise of the likes of Paramore and Gym Class Heroes. The site also boasts of being the best online social network for musicians. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, PureVolume offers its users a platform to promote their music and share their talents.

The site is also home to the best online music community based in Los Angeles, CA. Founded in 2003, PureVolume is a site aimed at promoting emerging musicians and helping them gain exposure and a larger audience.

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