Introduction to CMS systems and Magento as a CMS for large E-Commerce projects

by Maisie

E-commerce is the largest industry in the entire Internet. It is the second largest online business segment after information services. Internet commerce originated and began to develop from the first years of the creation of the Internet and has been growing with great dynamics so far. As is known all over the world, the very first trading platform on the Internet was Amazon, which remains the first to this day.

What about smaller companies and corporations?

What are CMS systems and how to choose the right one?

In order to make site creation accessible to a wider range of people, to simplify and speed up the process, CMS systems began to be created.

Digression to history…

At an early stage in the development of the Internet, the ability to create a website was the property of a small number of programmers and specialists. As always, any useful software was at first the property of a narrow circle of programmers who did something “number for themselves”. Then such a development becomes understandable and useful for a wider (simple) circle of people. After that, a person appears who manages to sell this software. This is how entire markets with a diverse offer are created.

This is how the first CMS system was created.

Now the choice of CMS-systems is extremely large. Each of them has its own specification and functionality, which is focused on a certain type of sites or web resources.

Let’s briefly consider what types of web resources are:

  • Online store

The segment of online stores can be divided into the number of potential visitors and the number of products. For example, for a store with 10,000 visitors per day and 500,000 per day, completely different technologies and different CMS systems are used. It is the same with the number of goods: 10.000 or 1.000.000.

  • Forum

The forum is conceptually different from all other web resources. Its main difference is that the main focus and load is on data storage, processing of high activity on the site, on comfortable site navigation and convenient user communication.

  • Information resource

In information resources, the main task is to provide the content of information – whether it be video, music, photos or text, as convenient as possible for the user. The emphasis is on the design of the pages of the site, organizing information on the site, navigating the site and designing page designs for high activity on the site.

  • One-page site (business card site)

A business card site is designed for high conversion and is characterized by predictable actions on the page. Usually, the activity and load on such sites is not high, because. they are created for small businesses, personal services or for a specific event.

  • Blog

The blog combines the ability to register users, be active and publish your articles in it. Therefore, as in forums and information resources, a blog requires high-quality site navigation and all conditions for comfortable user communication. You also need to determine what loads your blog will face in order to choose the appropriate CMS system for it.

  • Marketplace

This is the most resource-intensive E-commerce web resource that requires careful preparation of technical and software equipment. In the case of a marketplace, planning for its development should be at least 10 years in advance.

  • Social network

In the context of the existence of such an Internet business giant as Facebook, the first thing you need to pay attention to is marketing. It is important to carefully consider what segment of the target audience the social network takes on, how it competes and in what ways it outperforms its key competitors. After that, you need to evaluate the amount of information processing and plan for 10 years, as in the case of the marketplace.

If we take the segment of Internet commerce on a medium-large scale, the choice of CMS systems narrows down to several options: 1C-Bitrix, Drupal, ModX and, of course, Magento.

It is not by chance that we distinguish Magento from all the others, because. objectively, this platform deserves attention.

Magento CMS

Magento has been at the top of the best CMS systems in the world for many years. Many leading companies in the world make a choice in favor of this platform. Such companies include Huawei, Lenovo, Nestle, Toyota, Nike, Exxonmobil, Olympus, Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Ford and many others.

Magento is distinguished by its flexibility in the design of the appearance of the site, high resistance to heavy loads on the site and excellent site optimization, which ensures smooth and error-free operation of the site.

Unlike the rest, Magento has been on the market for more than 15 years and during this time has created a large community around itself.

There are also many quality magento consulting companies.

How to choose a company to develop websites on Magento?

Such companies should have highly qualified Magento specialists and satisfied customers. The more famous the client is served by such a company, the higher the quality of the services it provides. Such a company builds its history from satisfied customers, which says a lot about itself.

One such developer company on the Magento platform is .

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