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The trucking industry in the US employs over three and a half million people at any given time, making it one of the largest and fastest-growing ones. While there are jobs available almost always, many people are unaware of some critical things about trucking that might help them determine if this is the right career.

For example, how long can truck drivers drive, or what cargo do they transport? These are among the most standard queries most newbies have, helping them gauge their personality against the job requirements.

The following information answers these queries and elaborates on other pivotal information about the industry that can help novice drivers fit in quickly.

They carry more freight than any other transportation

Trucks move over seventy percent of all freight in the United States each year, making them a crucial part of the supply chain. Invariably, there is no comparison between these professionals and other cargo carriers like planes or trains in terms of the volume they transport daily. Also, over eighty percent of Americans depend on trucking companies to have their goods packed and shipped to various locations across the nation.

Besides essential items, truckers help entrepreneurs and other businesses such as the e-commerce industry handle large volumes of shipments daily. They facilitate commerce and help companies establish partnerships with one another, allowing them to rely on dependable transportation and logistics.

Truckers are frontline professionals

It is crucial to note that driving a truck carrying delicate cargo long distances is no easy feat, requiring professionals to follow safety protocols and manage time effectively. They deliver essentials like food, drinks, and medical supplies, besides hazardous substances like chemical products, across state borders daily.

Inevitably, these industries would shut down if truckers were to go on a strike or delay deliveries. There would be no stocks in retail stores, medical facilities would run short on medicines and equipment, and several other sectors would face losses if their cargo did not reach them timely and undamaged.

There is a limit to driving hours

So, how long can truck drivers drive? No driver can exceed eleven hours a day and seventy hours a week, as per the FMCSA regulations. Also, they must take a thirty-minute recess after being on the road for eight hours. These rules are meant to ensure that drivers remain alert and in good health behind the wheel, posing no threats to fellow commuters or even themselves.

Following them is critical as many accidents are caused by drowsy drivers who haven’t rested enough and ignore safety protocols. Therefore, if you desire to be a trucker, follow these guidelines to enjoy a successful career, ensuring the security of others on the road besides yourself.

Dedicated industry experts can help newbies

Several experienced truckers run legitimate websites to reach out to existing and amateur drivers, helping them adjust to the profession and overcome challenges more efficiently. They have vast guides on safety tips, news about the latest scholarships, and lists of the best training institutes and the top companies to work for. Newbies can also learn about the latest changes and industry salaries, helping them snag the best jobs available.

Finally, these platforms offer open forums for new drivers and experts to exchange information, helping the trucking community to stay connected and up-to-date.

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