How to Write an Essay Fast?

by Maisie

For a deceptive story, 24 hours may not be enough. You may have less than an hour to make a quality paper. Before writing a story quickly, you need dedicated training or a good plan. If you do not have time to practice your writing skills fast, do not worry because detailed planning is the key.

So, to resolve your issue, we are here. You will get a few secrets below on how to write an essay in the fastest way!

Tips For Writing An Essay Faster:

Writing can be a waste of time if you are not writing what the professor has asked. If you face any issues in writing, you can also look for professional help. You can contact an essay writer to get a written essay. It is the best way to keep your time safe and get the highest exam percentage!

Also, you can follow these guidelines to do your best in essay writing:

      Time Planning

First of all, you need to know how much time you have to prepare your essay. For instance, if you own 30 minutes, then use 10 minutes for outlining, 15 minutes to construct the writing body of an essay, and set 5 minutes for final revision.

But if you have 60 minutes, then redistribute your time. Keep in mind that you must spend 1/5 of your given time on body structuring, whereas ½ time on shaping the body of the paper. Also, add revisions in your planning for the final touch.

      Carefully Read Your Essay Question And Then Answer It

It’s a crucial step. First, get through the essay question and then think about the best possible answer for this question. Then come with a fast answer in your head. You will get an idea about writing your stuff. However, if you find trouble in beginning brainstorming, always start writing with anything that first comes into your mind and select what is best to fit.

      Research Properly

In case there is a need for research, then do it. Just try to sort out precise information. Find out key concepts that will be used later in your essay writing. Remember that you do not have enough time for the whole essay, so try to be concise and brief in your research.

      Devote 20% of Your Spell to outlining:

Start your essay by breaking it into standard 5 paragraphs, including an introduction and conclusion. Each of them must have proof that supports it. Summarize sentences, and shift to the next paragraph. In the introduction, write your thesis statement. At this step, all you require is to draft. Then final later your sentences.

      Write Down The Main Sentences For The Respective Paragraph

When you complete the outline, you have let the half job done. Now start writing your essay. Make sure your sentences are precise and strong this time and thus do not need additional editing. Generally, you do not require more than a few minutes couple.

      Make solid introductory and conclusion part:

Since the thesis statement is already in your intro, proceed further by writing a related anecdote, quote in one or two sentences, or a few statistical links with the topic. In addition, make your essay body transition at your intro end.

In the concluding part, re-evaluate the thesis statement with connection to the evidence provided in previous body paragraphs. Then, write a conclusive sentence for placing data in your essay in a broad context.

      Write the rest of your body by spending 40% of your time

You’re supposed to write a supportive statement or provide evidence to give key points. Summarize and introduce every paragraph and connect it properly with the rest of the essay body. It will be considered a key portion of your writing for which you need to spend only 40% of the time, and there is no need to spend more of it.


It’s a final step, so try to leave some time to do it. Pay attention to the general structure during revision, key sentences, and thesis statement in each paragraph. Then check whether everything is logically connected in your given text. After doing this, check out any typos or error mistakes in your written text. Congrats! Your essay is ready to submit.


If you want to write an essay, you must prepare yourself. It would help if you gave enough time to plan your essay; it would help you complete your essay quickly. Also, while writing, keeps your time limits in mind. Always keep some time to read your essay once you have finished the writing. In this way, you can remove all the typing mistakes.

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