How to win jackpot king slot games?

by Maisie

Online slots games designers at are continuously looking for enticing new ways to add excitement to their games, improving the player’s UX (User Experience).

Of all the trends to come out in current years, the progressive jackpot has been one of the most popular. It’s harder to win than a fixed jackpot, but when it does pay out, it’ll change your life forever. People have had their lives change overnight, winning millions and millions of pounds in prizes.

What’s evident is that the online slots market is quite crowded. If you search for any online casino in a search engine, you’ll get thousands of options. Added to this, there are also more software producers developing slots games than ever before.

Although this is good news for the gamblers, software producers and games designers are constantly trying to come up with new features to keep the punters interested.

That’s why we’ve seen things like cascading reels, cluster pays, and Megaways. But what is Jackpot King?

What is jackpot king?

Jackpot King is an enlightened jackpot method that offers gamblers the fortuitous to win astronomical monetary prizes, when playing several game that is portion of the network.

What’s great about jackpot king slots games is the detail that you have the same chance of activating a Jackpot King prize though playing at one stake. This really does help to create it one of the most general progressive jackpot networks in the world.

How do jackpot king games work?

Appealing the Jackpot King enlightened jackpot takes place in two stages. First, the gambler must land five Jackpot King bonus signs on the reels throughout standard play.

Landing those five Jackpot King bonus signs triggers a mini-game in which the gambler uses extra reels and new signs to try to win. It’s worth knowing that most Jackpot King slots games in the network also offer a random ‘second chance option’ for performers who play for the jackpot but don’t victory it.

Where can you find jackpot king games?

It’s really easy to find jackpot king slots titles in any catalogue of games. The Jackpot King jackpot is linked to each game in the network that has the Jackpot King symbol.

As it’s a progressive jackpot, every time you play a game in the network, 3% of your spend per spin goes towards boosting the huge Jackpot King prize pool.

With every spin, you have the chance to trigger the Jackpot King bonus. This is only achieved when a player sees five Jackpot King symbols on reels 1 to 5. Once the jackpot has been won, the prize will automatically be transferred to the winner’s account, and the prize pool resets to zero.

It’s worth looking out for the jackpot king logo whenever you play as the games are great, and the prizes potentially huge!

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