How To Upload Photos And Video On Instagram

by Maisie

Instagram is all about pictures and videos. Instagram is a social media platform that allows you to share media over the app with a huge number of audiences. Instagram has developed over the years and has soon become one of the greatest platforms for businesses and start-ups. People even use the app for promotions and to upload fun entertaining videos and pictures. With so much happening over the app it becomes of utmost vitality to confer how the app works.

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Instagram is meant for sharing photos and videos of every cute and not-so-cute moment of yours. In order to find resonance and stability, in business or as content creator, you need to constantly upload content over the application. Adding in photos and videos that help your audience know about the products and services that you have to offer along with an insight into your business and your life. For those who are new to the application, this blog enumerates ways to upload photos and videos on Instagram:

Uploading photo and video on post:

Step 1: launch Instagram and click on the plus sign visible at the top corner of the screen. Instagram opens up your gallery and displays all the photos and videos in your phone storage.

Step 2: Choose the picture or video that you want to display from this panel being displayed. You can choose up to 10 pictures and videos to upload. Hold on the first picture you want to upload to switch the selection panel, now select as many pictures and videos you want to upload.

Step 3: Now you can either size the image and video by pinching and zooming in and out on it or use a third-party application to do this for you. Once you have adjusted your media click on the arrow being displayed on the top right corner.

Step 4: This leads you to the editing page, from here you can choose the various tools to edit your media. you can add filters, stickers, motions and sounds to your photos and videos. Once you are done click on the arrow being displayed on the top right corner.

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Step 5: It opens up a page that asks you to add-in a caption for your pictures, add a suitable caption, location and you can even tag people in the tag field provide by simply putting @ sign in front of their username. Once you have finally provided all the information click on the tick being displayed on the top right corner and your picture and video has been now uploaded as a post on Instagram. If you want to download the uploaded photo, then you can use the free Instazoom application for it.

Uploading photos and videos on story:

Step 1: Launch Instagram app and click on “your story” icon aligned in-line with other stories.

Step 2: Instagram opens up the camera to capture pictures and videos in current time or you can even click on the icon in the lower left corner to upload a picture and video from the gallery. Once you have clicked or uploaded a picture or video, click on the arrow being displayed on the top right corner.

Step 3: Now you are on the editing page for your story, in the right of your media you can view tools, to add tests, stickers, set loops to video, crop and even highlighter to highlight parts of your story. You can swap the screen towards the left to change filters as well. Once you edit the picture and video, click on the share button on the top right corner.

Step 4: Once you press the button, Instagram offers you options to select whom you want to share the story with. Choose my story option and this story will be visible to everyone for the next 24 hours. You can switch choose the “add to highlights” option to allow the media to stay on your profile forever.

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