How to Track Your Dreams?

by Maisie

In our lifetime, we have many dreams. Almost every night, we have a dream and sometimes we even have several dreams in one night. Our minds are beautiful and hardworking. Our subconscious captures the details in our everyday lives that we thought we did not even see. Certain moments deeply affect us even if we fail to recognize or discover the impact at the moment. These influential little details find themselves a place in our subconscious and all the feelings that are buried inside us are reflected in our dreams.

Every dream we have can mean something. Even the ones that felt like a huge blank and nothing else. Even those blank dreams mean that something that we experienced in our real life affected us and made its way to our subconscious. Sometimes we have very chaotic and stressful dreams. In those dreams, certain objects, people, or events that took place can become overwhelming. For instance, if you stress over something in your day, you can see a dream with a specific symbol related to the source of your stress that night. Perhaps, your dream can guide you, give you advice, warn you about something, or simply reflect your subconscious to you.

All of the symbols and situations in our dreams can be interpreted in some way. However, to interpret our dreams or look for the hidden meanings behind the symbols we saw, we need to remember at least certain parts of our dreams. Unfortunately, it is not easy to remember our dreams once they lose their freshness in our memories. That is why tracking your dreams is important and useful. If you know the ways of tracking your dreams, you can always have the chance to record the fresh memory of your dreams and look back on them to interpret them.

To track your dreams, you can keep a dream tracker. You can simply write down everything you remember from your dream first thing in the morning or whenever you wake up from a dream. Even if you cannot remember the whole situation or event that happened in your dream, you can write down as many details as you can remember. You do not have to tell the whole story, you can use your dream tracker by taking notes of the simplest thing you remember. A horse nail. A shoe. A dead mouse. A lighthouse. The beach. Someone blonde. You can use your dream tracker freely and keep track of your dreams so that you can have the necessary information to interpret your dreams later.

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