How to stay safe on Instagram

by Maisie

You must protect yourself while working on popular platforms like Instagram.  Because there are so many users on Instagram, it is difficult to know who is good and who is bad.

Here’s a brief overview on how to stay safe on Instagram.  This discussion will cover everything from advanced account security to comment tools. I hope you can better understand the ways to stay safe on Instagram through the following discussion.

First of all you need to use two-factor authentication to securely log in to your Instagram account.  This is a special new security feature.  Whenever a person logs in to their Instagram account from an unknown device, they need to know something like their account username and password, phone number, etc. The only thing that helps to secure the person’s account is two-factor authentication.  If the stranger has the person’s password but does not have the phone, the stranger will not be able to access the person’s account due to two-factor authentication.  This is an important way to keep yourself safe on Instagram.

The second way is to choose who sees the posts with a personal account.  By default, the entire community can easily view each Instagram account.  Allows a person to control who sees their content by switching to a personal account  Anyone can remove his followers without blocking them through a personal account.  Your account can be easily set as personal – first go to the profile page and navigate to “Settings” gear and toggle “Personal Account” to the “On” position.

If the person wants to show his post to a specific person then he should block someone.  In addition to his personal account, you can control who can find and follow his account on Instagram.  In this case he can use a blocking tool to control.  To block an account, first navigate to the profile of that account, then open the “…” menu in the upper right corner and tap “Block user”.  Those who are blocked will not receive any notification that they have been blocked.

If there is an unwanted comment on your post, it can be deleted by swiping to the left and tapping on the trash icon.

 Moreover, if the person wants to disable all comments in one of his posts, he has to tap on “Advanced Settings” before posting and then toggling “Stop commenting” in “On” position will get the job done.

The next step is to choose a strong password and keep it secure.

 The password must be chosen in such a way that it is a combination of at least six numbers, letters and symbols.  It will be harder to guess using the password then it will be safer.

One of the strategies to report any abuse, intimidation, harassment or disguise is to stay safe.  Make sure all content on Instagram is legal and follows our community guidelines.  A post can be reported by swiping to the left and tapping on the arrow.

A friend can be supported on Instagram if needed.In addition, to keep your Instagram account completely safe, you should always be aware of small mistakes.  Don’t buy free or cheap offers from small sites like Instagram Like, follower purchase.  Use the smm world panel to buy real Instagram followers cheap.

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