How to revive a dead marriage relationship

by Maisie

People remain in unhappy relationships or marriages for different reasons. If you are one such person, then you could not be happy. But if you struggle, you could find your way to happiness, even in a bad situation, by challenging habits which led to happiness, and you may work on your marriage to move it to a side of a happy and healthy relationship. When people choose someone from Punjabi matrimony people check everything in their profile to have a happy and healthy relationship in marriage.

  • Find ways to be thankful: it is not easy to be thankful, especially in the middle of any relationship. Gratitude could help to cope with bad relationships, and it may bring happiness to your family. 
  • Take some time every day to figure out things that you are grateful for. Try writing something nice about everything. 
  • For instance, you may not be the same as being treated in the relationship you are bound in, but you need to be grateful to have financial stability in your life.
  • Involve in flow experience: moments when you lose your patience with an experience by being completely involved in whatever it is you are doing. 
  • Stop fighting on similar topics: that is, if you always fight and argue with your partner about the same things, it may be time to leave that topic. You need to wrap it up and end it with some conclusion and compromise that works for both of you. 
  • Develop your interest: if your marriage is going the way you wanted it to go, it may be time to find some hobby outside marriage but not an affair. Involving yourself in some hobbies and developing some interests would help you stay independent and keep you engaged and happy with the world. Haryana matrimonial sites have a profile with common interests and hobbies which do well even after years of marriage. 
  • Try volunteering: Having some good social connections and sense of purpose with other people is a nice way to feel happy. Volunteering could give you a sense of purpose in life and it also allows you to interact with other like-minded people, it develops happiness in married life.
    • Find an organization to which you would like to contribute to, such as a food bank or an animal shelter, and be a volunteer together or alone. You may even ask your spouse if you would like to volunteer together. 
  • Have some friends: try to have dinner with friends one night a week or get along with your family for shopping or some activity session. If you do not have many friends, then try to meet people who share a common interest. 
  • Take out time with your partner: Having time with your partner is a nice way to show your interest and commitment to your partner. Say you would spend a certain time every week with each other and stay to it. It would also give you a chance to get to know one another again and more deeply.

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