How to Pick Essay Topics That Get Good Grades

by Maisie

Did you just get assigned an essay, but you don’t know how to go about it? Your professor may have told you to conduct independent research to find the perfect essay topic for the semester. 

We have been through that phase, buddy! That is why we want to share the strategies we used to get good grades on our term papers in this article. So, enjoy it!

Pick What You are Good at

Writing essays will take up a lot of time and energy from your end. The harder the essay topic, the more time it will take, and the more stressed you will be. So, we think you should choose an essay topic that you know a lot about. 

For example, if you have a passion for sports, then you can pick topics that are more on the sporty side. Then, you can write from your heart without needing extra research time. Sometimes, even online services such as cheap essay writers can help generate the best topic for you.

Something You Can Argue for Both Sides

Your college essays are supposed to challenge you to explore, analyze, and argue various points of view. For that reason, don’t go picking a topic that you know nothing about and you can’t write about. 

Make sure you can understand both sides of the issue so that your arguments are presented logically and nicely. At the end of the day, that is how you score high on college assignments. 

Consult with Your Professor

Your professor is your ultimate guide to choosing the best essay topic for the course. Provided the topics are relevant to the course you are taking, ask your professor to recommend you some good ones. 

Most of them are more than happy to assist you. Chat with them as well to establish a good teacher-student connection. You will need your professor’s help even after the essay selection for review and feedback. 

If for some reason, your professor is unavailable, don’t think that there is no other way. You can ask the Student Help Center or your classmates to help you brainstorm ideas. 

Use the Search Engine

This is a cheat code that we didn’t have before. But now we do. Whatever question you have, just search on the internet. 

For example, let’s say you are into sports and you want to write about it. Then, just type ‘essay topic sports tennis’ on the search bar. From there, you will generate millions of ideas to come up with the topic! 

On the bright side, you also get to read about other people’s opinions about the essay topic. Quickly jot down relevant points for your paper. In a nutshell, not only do you find a suitable topic to get good grades, but you also find awesome ideas to add to your essay!

Be Specific about the Title

Although this is an unlikely scenario, sometimes you may come up with vague titles because you haven’t researched enough. Don’t do that. If your topic doesn’t make sense, then you can say goodbye to top grades!

‘How to Rebuild an Engine’ sounds vague as an essay topic. There is too much to write, and the lack of direction may produce a less-than-average assignment. On the other hand, ‘How to Make Pizza’ is more straightforward and understandable. 

You can write about the process of making a pizza and include any variations in the process due to demography. Overall, we want you to choose essay topics that make sense to everybody. 

Utilize Immediate Resources

There won’t be a shortage of resources in the library, so don’t forget to make good use of what is available. Search the library database online and locate the aisle where you can access books and journals related to your course. 

Scan through the table of content for ideas. Then, write down the words that automatically click when you are going through different textbooks, lecture materials, journals, and encyclopedias. Let your peers join you for a brainstorming session. It is impossible not to get any good ideas like this! 

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