How To Mix, Match And Stack Your Pandora Jewelry

by Maisie

Are you wondering, what is the best way to stack, mix and match your jewelry in the best possible way? So, that it feels well put together and suits your unique sense of style.

This article will give you some pro tips to creatively match and mix your jewelry and get that amazing style you have always wanted.

1. Start By Selecting A Key Piece Jewelry

the first thing you need to do is choose a starting point. Select that key piece of jewelry you want to wear with a specific outfit, on that occasion. Once your starting point of accessorizing is sorted then you can move on with other options.

You have two distinct options here. You can either choose a more subtle piece of jewelry that will blend in with other pieces you are going to wear. Or go for a more striking jewelry piece. A type of statement piece to translate your true style.

2. Choose One Site When Layering Jewelry

The best way to layer jewelry is to pick one body site to focus on. You can choose to layer your bracelets, rings, or necklaces. You can get a wide range of necklaces at Pandora that you can stack up and look gorgeous.

For layering, jewelry considers choosing one color of the metal but with different textures and colors. You can stack up many rings and necklaces and create a cool look.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Go With Perfectly Matching Or Contrast

For more formal occasions wearing matching sets of jewelry can work more beautifully. There is a wide range of designs and options at Pandora jewelry that you can opt for a matching look.

For casual occasions, I will say that contrasting pieces of jewelry often make a better statement. Just choose the right pieces of jewelry that complement your outfit and make a beautiful blend with each other.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Different Kinds Of Metals

in the past mixing different kinds of metals like silver and gold were frowned upon. But now the major style trend is to mix rose gold, silver, and gold jewelry.

Even when you want that subtle mix and match look, you can easily mix the metal colors.

However, wearing jewelry in one color never gets old either. Choose whatever suits best with your outfit and it is bound to look great.

5. Putting The Final Look Together

now that you have chosen a piece of jewelry as a starting point, you have decided how you are going to layer or mix different pieces with it. Then it’s time to put together your final look.

You need to put yourself in front of the mirror and try out your look. Refine the ideal look you have in your mind and dig deep into your jewelry collection to get those perfect pieces together for your perfect appearance.


No matter what occasion you are dressing up for. Jewelry pieces can add style to anything. Check out our amazing jewelry collection at Pandora outlet to put together your perfect look.

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