How To Make An Online Gambling Website In Poland

by Maisie

The gambling market in Poland is one of the fastest-growing ones around the globe. This is an amazing feat considering that this country is not as large as many other counterparts like Canada or the UK. The revenues from the Polish gambling market in this country are constantly growing, and it has the potential to become one of the top markets in Eastern Europe. 

Today, many people are looking to tap into this growing market by creating online casinos in Poland. If this is the case with you, you have made a great choice. However, before you dabble into the market, you must know that this decision still has a few setbacks. The most critical one is the strict gambling regulations in this country, one of the most restrictive today. 

Fortunately, if you fully understand the regulations and other important information, you should have no issues starting your gambling website. This article will show you how to start your online gambling website in Poland the right way. 

Steps In Starting Your Online Gambling Website In Poland 

To open a new online casino in Poland, follow these steps: 

Get Your Betting License 

Polish law requires anyone who wants to begin an online gambling website to get a casino license. You are only allowed to operate according to the scope of your permit. In this case, an online gambling website. Any gambling platform in Poland that provides services online will always need to ensure players’ safety on the platform. 

To get a license, you will need to submit your application for a special gambling license to the Ministry of Finance. This ministry is responsible for regulating online gambling platforms in Poland. Your application will consist of details about your prospective business, financial statement, and the types of betting games. 

You will also need to submit a special fee alongside the application. If you are successful, you will get a betting permit valid for six years. When applying for this license, you are subject to anti-money laundering laws and must prove that you can follow these laws. The Polish authorities will also carry out inspections and have the authority to revoke your permit if they notice any evidence of money laundering. 

If this is too difficult for you, you can create an offshore casino site without getting a license from the Ministry of Finance. Instead, you create your gambling website outside Poland and offer your services to Polish residents. This will require you to get a betting license from an authority like Curacao, Malta Gaming Authority and other similar bodies. Note that this won’t be an easy task and may take a few months to achieve. 

Choose Your Software 

The software you use to power your casino website is critical since it can influence players’ overall experience. There are many reputable options to choose from, including top players like NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, and many others. Take your time, and don’t rush when deciding the software to use. 

Select Your Games 

You want players to have various options when it comes to games. These games should also be of high-quality and cover games like slots, table games, progressive jackpots, and virtual slots. Also, you want to ensure that you also have mobile games available. This is ideal for players who prefer playing on their mobile devices. 

Payment Options 

The next is to set up your payment options. This is essential since you want players to be able to deposit and withdraw money from your gambling website with ease. You can make this seamless by partnering with reliable companies like Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, etc. Also, make sure your casino website supports cryptocurrencies and online transfers. 

Set Up Your Website

Now is the time you start to develop your website. It is best to get the services of a Content Management System for casino creation. This is because you need the site to be done fast and professionally. According to our author Eliasz Nowak, “możesz sprawdzić nowe kasyna online 2022, gdzie znajdziesz próbki profesjonalnych stron kasyna online.”

Market Your Online Gambling Site 

At this point, you have put everything in place, but you still need players to visit your online casino website. To do this, you will need to create incentives that will encourage players to visit. One of the best ways is to offer bonuses to new players who sign up on your platform. You can also launch campaigns before and after the completion of your website to keep the momentum going. Marketing is a continuous effort and is something that you should keep doing until you get the desired results. 


Starting up an online casino in Poland is not difficult if you know how to do it. By following the tips we have covered above and doing them right, you will be well on your way to starting your gambling website. Remember that if you don’t want to deal with the stress yourself, getting a CMS system for casino is the right step. It can help manage all the operations, so it is easier for you to deal with the everyday duties. 

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