How to Foster Love for Nature Into Your Kids: Eight Amazing Tips

by Maisie

Kids have a natural association with the outdoors. They are always fascinated and attracted by nature and eager to explore it. This attraction lasts until around age 14. Before this age, parents need to make a concerted effort to provide their children with rich and repeated experiences in nature.

Many parents worry about how they can make their kids become individuals who care about nature and work to protect it. For this, they can foster nature’s love in kids at the very early age of their lives.

You can decipher the below list to explore the ways to instill a love of nature in your kids.

1: Parents Need To Be Positive

We all know kids imitate their parents. If parents spend all of their time on phones or watching Netflix, children will want to do the same. However, if you go out, they will also love to accompany you. If they see you making things outdoors, their curiosity will pique, and they will also make exciting things.

It is also integral for parents to choose words about nature wisely. Using yack or dirty to describe nature can carve a negative experience in kids’ minds for a lifetime. Choosing positive remarks, wonderful or curious, can increase their charm.

2: Develop Kids’ Explorer’s Mentality

Go in nature with an open heart; give time and space to kids so they can discover whatever happens in their surroundings. Allow kids to lift rocks, explore hideouts, time flip logs, and climb trees to experience new things in life.

3: Make Nature Kids Hobby

Turn nature love into an engaging hobby and witness how kids get hooked!

Buy some essential field equipment for kids like a pair of binoculars, magnifying lenses, or a simple telescope. If they are inclined to photography, give them a camera. Appreciate kids to explore nature and note what they see. A nature-themed notebook can provide plenty of space to sketch insects, stick fry leaves, or you can also get them a tablet to take photos of their favourite natural objects in order to encourage them to spend more time outdoors. You can visit toddlertrips to find the best tablets.

Nature provides a complete chance for kids’ attention and creativity; storing tadpoles or pebbles is a joyous activity and decorating old jars with them is a mind-blowing idea. Nature is not only outside; help the kids bring a bit of nature indoors too!

4: Go For Camping

Camping is a fantastic way to entertain kids and bring them close to nature. Camping establishes habits that stick with kids for life. Camping helps kids stay outside for 24 hours, and they can have a vast exposure. They can learn how to build a fire and see nocturnal animals.

5: Try New Things Together

Parents are always kids’ best friends, so learning and growing with kids is always fun. Kids feel safe and are more receptive to their parents, so parents need to guide their kids on simple things, like growing a garden together or higher adventure like going rafting as a family.

6: Let Them Get Dirty

While discovering nature, kids can get dirty; do not snub them. Keep them easy and natural, and remember it is normal to get dirty by building forts, jumping in puddles, rolling over rocks and logs, finding worms, gathering up sticks, pinecones, and leaves.

7: Play Simple Games

Another way to connect your children with nature is by playing games at the natural spot. You can play pick-up sticks, leader, spy, and hide-and-go-seek with children. To play these games, you need neither any equipment nor expertise. However, if you are ambitious, you can also try geocaching or organize a scavenger hunt.

8: Try Cycling And Biking

Riding a bike, particularly a mini dirt bike, is a fabulous way to foster natures’ love in kids. Whether on a trail or riding out in the wilderness, mini dirt bikes are best for fun and adventure. Kids can excitingly ride a mini dirt bike and explore nature in their own way.

If you want your kids to go out and get familiar bugs, plants, flowers, and animals in your area, get them their first mini dirt bike. Riding a dirt bike is a terrific way to discover the outdoors with friends—instead of gluing to indoor gadgets.

Final Thoughts

Children are born scientists and are always keen to experience the outdoors’ sound, scenes, sights, and textures. Nature offers numerous opportunities for creativity, STEM education, and problem-solving abilities.

Interacting with natural environments helps children learn various new ideas and the importance of nature. This way, they grow with this nature-saving attitude and retain it in their youth and old ages, which is appreciable.

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