How To Find Pet-Friendly Apartments

by Maisie

Are you a pet lover who considers your fur friend family? Well, that doesn’t mean your apartment manager or owner has a similar view. 

However, pet ownership in the United States is not showing any sign of going down. Close to 62% of Americans have at least one pet. Irrespective of whether your fur friend is canine, feline, or any other variety, there are ways you can find a pet-friendly apartment. Here are some of these ways:

1. Leverage Online Apartment Search Tools

Today, you can take advantage of online tools when searching for a pet-friendly apartment with the advancement in technology. Online apartment search sites, including Lovely,, Craigslist, and Trulia, will enable you to narrow down through various listings that explicitly permit pets. This way, you won’t like a specific apartment only to discover later that your fur companion isn’t acceptable. Some online apartment search tools, including, exclusively list pet-friendly apartments. Therefore, you can easily find pet-friendly apartments, like The Station Chester, VA, leveraging these online tools.

2. Determine If you are Eligible to Own a Service Pet

It’s worth noting that individuals with disabilities have a right to own service or emotional support pets. This applies irrespective of whether the rental agreement explicitly forbids pets. Fortunately, if you have a disability, you don’t need to divulge it to the apartment owner. Also, service or emotional support pets are not subject to pet fees. Therefore, if you’re suffering from debilitating psychological problems and depend on your pet for solace, you’re safeguarded under the Fair Housing Act!

Regrettably, not many individuals are aware of this provision and how it can help their pets. If you’re disabled somehow, ensure you visit a therapist to determine if you qualify to own service or emotional support pets. If your therapist diagnoses you with emotional disability, apartment owners who restrict you from bringing your pet along risk being charged with discrimination. Although this strategy of finding pet-friendly apartments isn’t for every pet owner, you can take advantage of this provision if it’s relevant to you.

3. Engage Private Landlords

When searching for an apartment that accepts pets, try finding a private landlord with whom you can negotiate to accept your pet. Usually, it’s easier to convince a private landlord than a professional manager of an apartment with a strict no-pet policy. Therefore, you should try engaging private landlords if you have to live with your fur friend.

4. Propose to Pay Pet Charges and Deposit

Some apartments can permit you to own a pet on the condition that you pay a separate deposit and fees beforehand. If you find an apartment manager or owner who appears reluctant to accept pets, consider suggesting this as an alternative. That way, your potential landlord will feel better regarding any scratched floors that may result from your pet. However, if your pet is likely to cause damage to the apartment, avoid renting from a landlord who isn’t receptive to the idea of owning a pet.

5. Select the Right Location

Perhaps you’ve diligently done your homework and found yourself an affordable pet-friendly apartment within walking distance from your office. However, don’t rush to seal the deal yet. The mere fact that an apartment is pet-friendly and suitable for you doesn’t automatically imply it’s suitable for your pet! Ensure you research the locality to determine if your pet will get everything it’ll require.

For instance, find out if there are parks where you can take your pet for walks, training and grooming service providers, or pet clinics. Ensuring such services are available is important as they’ll help you take care of your pet conveniently whenever the need arises. Your pet will feel at home and happy with such facilities and services.

Final Word

With a rising number of tenants searching for pet-friendly apartments to rent out, landlords are continually revising their pet policy to accommodate this trend. Using these tips, you can search and find pet-friendly apartments where you can happily live with your fur friend.

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