How to Edit promotional Video for Social Media

by Maisie

Videos play an important role in social media marketing nowadays. They have become one of the most crucial marketing channels for businesses, with more than 85% of the companies using videos as a solid marketing tool. Also, 92% of marketers agree that videos are an essential part of their marketing strategies.

Social media promotional videos get more shares than static images and text combined. Such videos also encourage more tags, comments, and views that can help your business get noticed on channels like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Shooting a promotional video for social media is one thing, and editing it is another. As a business, focus on editing your social media promotional video perfectly because only finely-edited, professional-looking videos can captivate the audience and transform them into followers or customers.

Thus, without further ado, here is a complete guide on how you can edit a promotional video for social media marketing:

1. Choose the Right Video Editing Tool

Social media users look for great variety in their content on social media platforms. And with videos, they want variety from click to click. But despite the significance of video marketing, creating this type of content can be a major challenge, at least according to 23.7% of marketers.

Here, using a good quality video maker can make all the difference here. A video-making tool online also works as a video editor that gives your video a professional and polished look while promising variety at the same time. If you are a beginner in video editing, choose a tool specifically made for beginners.

Always make it a point to use a video editing tool that can help you crop and resize the clips in your video easily while making it convenient for you to work with the chroma key and remove the audio in your content.

2. Make More of Square Videos

Creating a promotional video for social media is not easy. You want to ensure that people watch your video in the clearest and the best way possible on their smartphones. Yes, people will watch your content on their smartphones because the majority of the individuals have gotten into the habit of consuming information on the go.

Since you know that people watch content on varying screen sizes, you can make the most out of this by recording and posting more square and vertical videos. Square videos work well on all social media channels, especially when viewed on smartphones.

When editing your social media promotional video, you can make the most out of the square camera feature of your smartphone. When shooting square videos, you need not worry about cropping the significant sections of the frame.

Create normal-sized videos that you would have to resize during the editing stage. You can use a video-making tool for instantly cropping your footage into an ideal square content.

If you are a beginner in video marketing with no idea about where to start, it will be better for you to choose online video makers and editors. These tools have a stock of templates and video clips that can help you curate your branded content for different social networking sites.

Record voiceovers quickly and add captions using these tools to give your social media video content a professional and polished appearance.

3. Edit to Make the First 5 Seconds of Your Video Count

You have made your promotional video all set to be posted on the different social media sites. But what if your video does not catch the attention of the people? Make sure the first five seconds of your video are amazing enough to catch the audience’s attention.

When editing your social media promotional video, you must select the right shots from the plethora of shots you might have taken. Go for only those clips that you think will narrate your story in the most impactful way to keep the audience engaged.

Yes, you have very little time to get things right and grab the audience’s attention, but the key to grabbing success here is to use some unexpected clips to keep the viewers on their toes with content.

Have the right tools to get the perfect clips and find the right angles for narrating your story. And also, work on choosing the correct aspect ratio for the social media platform where you plan to post your content.

4. Pay Attention to the Right Sequences and Angles

Playing with close-up and wide shots can add great creativity while editing a social media promotional video. Wide-angle shots offer the viewers vital information about your story and the location.

On the other hand, close-up shots are suitable for the actors when they need to show facial expressions and emotions that play an essential role in establishing communication with the viewers.

5. Edit Your Video to Be More Visual

Nowadays, people are likely to watch videos with their sounds off. Therefore, instead of working diligently on improving the sound quality of your video, you must work on enhancing the visuals in your video.

Try using different filters to set the mood and tone of your content. Do not go for voiceovers; instead, add slideshows and text visuals. To understand the conditions in which viewers will watch your video, put it on more while editing it.

Paying more attention to the visuals increases the chances of your content being viewed all the way through. Make sure every frame of your video is eye-catching and interesting, especially if you know that your target audience will take just a few seconds to stop and watch your content and then scroll away.

Also, try to learn how a few simple techniques and creativity can make your video go viral.


Nowadays, it is easy to record moments and share them with the entire world, thanks to the video makers available online. Whether you are looking to post something interesting or funny or share something memorable, you do not need to take the services of a videographer. Be your filmmaker and edit your social media promotional videos like a pro.

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