How to choose a good medical college in the Philippines?

by Maisie

Even if every student has different tastes when it comes to medical schools, there are some broad factors that could help MBBS students and their parents assess a medical school’s excellence.

Make a list of all the top medical schools that offer MBBS in Phillipines.

  • Make a list of the universities that can accept you.
  • To learn about the best medical colleges, enlist the help of your lecturers.
  • Don’t forget to inquire about medical schools from your seniors, especially from those who are pursuing medical degrees.
  • When researching medical colleges online, do your research.

Gather data on the medical schools you’ve chosen.

  • Gather all necessary information on the medical colleges on your list, including the campus’s environment, labs, infrastructure, library, and so on.
  • Visit a college’s website or like its Facebook page to learn more about it.

Make a brief list to start.

Colleges that don’t meet all of your requirements should be crossed from your list.

To make a more informed selection, you can now visit each of the universities on your shortlist one by one.

Take a look at the Colleges on the Shortlist.

  • Examine the important amenities, such as the college library, classrooms, and labs, at the colleges on your shortlist.
  • You can also speak with the college’s teachers and students for any additional information.

Examine the medical requirements of the colleges.

  • Some colleges will examine your application for admission based on your grades or percentage on a qualifying exam, such as the 12th grade.

See the College Cutoff Lists for further information.

  • You must examine and comprehend all of the colleges to which you have short-cuts.
  • Whether you want to apply to a college that accepts students based on grades or percentages in the 12th grade, you should check the prior two years’ cutoff lists to see whether you have a chance of getting into that medical school.

Avoid rash decisions:

Choosing a medical college is a significant decision, therefore be careful not to do so. Start earlier than expected to give yourself ample time to make a wise decision.

Speak with your parents:

Your parents might be able to provide you advice on choices. To assess whether a medical college is appropriate, they will also carry out their own investigation.

Pick the first item on your list:

The colleges at the top of your list will satisfy all of your prerequisites. You can select that college and submit an application as a result.

Do not blindly imitate others:

It does not follow that you must attend the same college as all of your pals just because they all are. It’s conceivable that not all of your friends understand your needs.

Medical institutes demand tuition fees.

The college division’s defining characteristic is this. Depending on the type of medical institution and the quota selected, tuition costs vary amongst colleges.

Tuition costs charged by medical institutions

This is the key element for the college division. Tuition rates differ among colleges depending on the type of medical college and the quota chosen.

Internship stipend

Many top-scoring candidates assert that the internship stipend is the most important benefit of attending government-run medical schools, aside from the absence of a bond for forced service, even if it is not a significant factor when choosing a college. 

Where is the college located?

Patients flock to medical colleges in the city’s heartland, exposing students to a wide spectrum of illnesses during their studies and clinical clerkships. Students should check for air connectivity if they choose smaller towns for their distant studies.

Top 15 Medical Colleges in Philippines

The top medical colleges in the Philippines provide the students with the amenities

and resources they need at a reasonable price. They boast top-notch facilities, provide an

excellent learning environment, affordable travel and hotel options, an exciting campus life,

and access to a knowledgeable faculty. The below listed top 15 medical colleges in the

Philippines are recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

List of top 15 Medical colleges in Philippines:

  1. UV Gullas College of Medicine 
  2. Davao Medical School Foundation Inc
  3. Bicol Christian College of Medicine
  4. University of Perpetual Help System DALTA
  5. Our Lady of Fatima University
  6. Lyceum – NorthWestern University
  7. University of Santo Tomas
  8. Emilio Aguinaldo College
  9. AMA School of Medicine
  10. University of Northern Philippines
  11. Cagayan State University
  12. St.Paul University
  13. Manila Central University
  14. Liceo College of Medicine
  15. Cebu Institute of Medicine


The College Ranking Facility in the above listed top 15 medical colleges in Philippines will assist students interested in medicine in ranking colleges based on a variety of quality factors, including the college’s age, the number of PG courses it offers, the average number of patients seen as outpatients each day, the total number of teaching beds, and other factors that will help them choose their top choices during the choice-filling process.

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