How to Best Utilize Your Small Backyard

by Maisie

If you have a backyard, you know that spring is the best time to move outdoors. We do not mean to sleep in the garden, although this is possible when looking for natural cool air on hot summer nights. However, you could cook, eat, welcome guests, watch TV, relax and even work there. How to organize the open space to make it part of the house and become a comfortable place to spend time? 

You can hire professional landscape contractors who will help you best utilize your small backyard so that you can make use of every part of it. You can create an outdoor kitchen and firepit. Check out what professional contractors like Showcase Renovations do. If you want to learn more, you can keep reading this article. 

Small Backyard Ideas

 Here are some wonderful ideas for utilizing the outdoor space that you can consider. 

Summer Kitchen 

The open-air kitchen can be a paradise for the warm season. It can inspire you for new culinary feats, shelter your guests, become an attractive central area for organizing parties and the most inhabited place in the house during the summer.

The summer kitchen may include a worktop, sink, barbecue, stove, shed, dining table, and chairs or benches. It must contain all the necessary utilities to make cooking easy and convenient.


The porchway is a multifunctional outdoor corner (traditionally used for expanding the usable living space). It can be built relatively easily, without the need for interior renovations, which will not disturb your comfort. The porch should be equipped with a canopy or other garden furniture to make it look even more inviting. It could have sofas, hammocks, swings, a dining table, TV, and other utilities.

Outdoor furniture

A garden furniture set will enhance the appearance of your outdoor space. You can transform your backyard, one of the most significant parts of your home, with it. Depending on the size and shape, garden furniture can fit any home. Additionally, it keeps the house protected from harsh weather. In addition, it has a beautiful landscape. You can also use it to store items or work on projects. It is worthwhile to invest in garden furniture if you are looking for a new elegant look since there is so much to choose from. Adding garden furniture to your garden will make it a more comfortable place for your guests to enjoy themselves. In addition, it allows kids to play without crossing the street, which is good for them.


The gazebo is usually separated from the house and is in one of the corners. Like the porchway, it can become a recreational or dining area. It may be combined with or be close to a summer kitchen.

The furniture and decoration of the gazebo can be custom-made, depending on your wishes and your style. It is important to organize a cozy space that suits the surrounding landscape and creates a pleasant atmosphere. 


Have you seen pergolas in the backyard of friends? Well, it isn’t best only for big spacious outdoor spaces. The pergola is a garden element. It resembles an arch, which consists only of side columns and crossbeams. You can have a pergola in different sizes, and this way, you will add a romantic, magical atmosphere to your garden and backyard.

Unlike the gazebo, the pergola has no walls and a solid roof. It can be freestanding or attached to a building. It gets often covered with creeping plants. It can become a centerpiece in your garden area in your backyard and become one of your favorite resting areas. 

When covered with creeping plants, the pergola creates its favorable ecosystem by protecting its inhabitants – plants and bugs from sun, dust, and wind. You can be sure that you will see a lot of butterflies and beetles in the spring and summer months there. 

Courtyard or a Small Garden

The courtyard is an open space, partially or completely, enclosed by one or more buildings. It serves for recreation in the fresh air in conditions of privacy. If the house surrounds it only partially, then the rest of it is separated from the neighboring yard by a high enough wall. It would provide true relaxation.

The courtyard can get equipped with a recreation and dining area. It can also include fountains, a pond, swing, hammock, bench, and a garden. A water feature in your backyard completes the courtyard or garden look. It is best to consider the size of your space because if you are working with a small backyard area, it is best to utilize every inch of it. Your water feature also needs to be small and look natural to the space you are working in. Trust professional landscaping contractors like Showcase Renovations to create a perfect project, for utilizing your small backyard space. 

To Sum It All Up… 

To best make use of your outdoor space, you need to create a plan first. You can utilize your entire area best if you contact professional landscape contractors to help you with the plan. However, a few ideas can help you get started with your outdoor space renovation. For instance, if your space allows it, you can include a summer kitchen. Make sure that it is a compact one, meaning it doesn’t take up too much space, but at the same time that it could accommodate your family and guests for summer parties. A porchway can be a seamless transition from your indoor to outdoor space. It can be easy to install without having to remodel your interior.

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If the space allows it, you can include a pergola or a gazebo in your yard to make the yard look more inviting. A water feature will help you complete the look of your new backyard garden. 

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