How Much Does SEO Cost for Businesses?

by Maisie

In today’s digital world, business success is largely determined by how easy you are to find online. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) is so important!

Done right, your web content will show up in search results, send users to your site, and start generating leads like clockwork. Alas, whether it’s the opportunity cost of handling such a major task yourself or paying a professional agency to do it for you, SEO isn’t cheap. But just how much does SEO cost exactly?

Keep reading to find out!

The Short Answer

Recent research reveals that the average small business owner spends approximately $500 every month on SEO.

However, the range involved varies quite a lot. According to the same source, some of those businesses will spend up to $5,000, whereas others will only pay $100. For bigger businesses, you can expect those numbers to go up much further!

The Long Answer

As you can tell, like most things in life, the actual answer to this question is far more nuanced. Simply put: it depends! The amount businesses spend on SEO varies for all sorts of reasons, which we’ll go through in this post now:

The Timeline

Let’s say you want results fast. Now, generally speaking, you can’t rush SEO! Yet there’s no denying you can speed things along by funneling more manpower, time, and resources into the task. Expect SEO prices to go up considerably if you take that tack.

The Agency

The agency/SEO consultant you hire is another key component here. Like all businesses, some charge more than others! Likewise, the actual pricing models vary too, with some charging by the hour and others going by the project in question. You’ll always pay more for well-established, high-end link building services.

The Work

Imagine that your website and content require a comprehensive overhaul to bring it up to speed with the latest SEO trends. It goes without saying that it’ll cost much more for you versus another business that only requires minor support! That’s particularly true when you’re dealing with first-rate SEO services.

The Tools

Whether you decide to hire an agency or take the in-house approach, the tools/software being used will impact the final cost of SEO. Obviously, better tools cost more money to access; expect agencies/consultants to raise their prices if they employ premium SEO products/services.

How Much Does SEO Cost? Now You Know

Because the internet’s become such a fundamental part of peoples’ lives, it’s hard to overstate the importance of SEO in terms of generating leads and sales. But it doesn’t come cheap!

It’s hard to put a definitive number on how much SEO will cost your business. Yet looking at what other people pay can provide a useful ballpark figure!

If you’ve been asking yourself “how much does SEO cost” recently, then we hope the insights in this post have helped. To read more articles on important business topics like this, browse the rest of our blog today.

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