How Do You Prevent Your Dog From Losing?

by Maisie

Pets are like our own family members. Dogs are the most obedient animal; if you can train your dog in the best way, then they might listen to you at every step. When they stay with you and become your priority, you get a fear in your heart that might get lost. But, in this era where technology is everything, you can prevent your dog from losing. There are new advanced gadgets which help you to secure your dogs. Therefore, read this article to know how to save your dog from getting lost.

What are the strategies to prevent your dog from losing?

Losing your beloved pet is a heartbreaking experience. However, you cannot prevent each pet loss incident; you can improve your methods of dog protection by following these guidelines:

  • Proper Supervision Is Important

An unsupervised pet always forgets its routes. Supervision is vital for protecting your dog as they get to know what is right and wrong for them. It depends on the dog’s owner how he trains his dog.

You must not leave your dog alone in your car, in the house and on the terrace. According to the experts, 1.5 million dogs are not recovered, and they reach someone else’s house or die due to accidents. Thousands of cases are filed in the police station, but only a few are recovered. So it’s your responsibility to take care of your dog.

  • Protect your dog by using a leash or an electric fence

Nowadays, it has been noticed that the technology sector has developed different tools and equipment for the protection of dogs. Unleashed pets or unsecured areas are the main reason for losing the dogs. It doesn’t matter if your dog is trained or not. They do not know how to talk and have emotions.

So if some other animals come and irritate him, he might chase him and reach some unknown location. So it is best to hire professionals to fix a great invisible dog fence in your yard or garden. When going on walks, always keep your dog leashed and do not leave him alone. When a dog is left alone on a leash, it might get stolen and wounded by the other stray animals. So choose the best option for your dog’s security.

  • Microchip Your Pet

Because of their microchips, a lot of lost pets are found. A veterinarian or shelter can scan this chip inside a dog’s shoulder region to determine the pet’s owner. Microchip scanners are available at most animal shelters and vet clinics.

  • Licensing is Vital

Licensing is just like protecting your cash. If your dog is licensed, he will carry all the necessary information wherever he goes. A particular dog license tag consists of the tracking id, and the owner can track his dog anytime.

  • Important Photos and Stats Report

The owner must take his dog for regular vaccination procedures. It is important to keep track of his health. You must keep the vaccination certificate very carefully and some photographs of your lovely pet so that it helps you to find him when he gets lost. You must show the evidence to the police station, neighbors, and animal shelter houses.

  • make Your Dog Obedient

Most dogs are very naughty; they might destroy someone else’s farm or garden and run around the neighbor’s house. So you have to keep them under your control. There are several procedures to keep things under your control, and one of the most common options is to give your dog a controlling collar.

The electric dog collars are found in different colors. The dog wears it, and the alert signal goes to the master’s remote if he does any mischief. It emits a slight shock and calms the dog immediately. So it is best for those who have big houses.

  • Snapshot of the Dog’s DNA

The DNA of a valuable dog is frequently documented in the computer and maintained by the famous American Kennel Club, providing definitive verification of the pet animal. This innovative step can be utilised in the legal body if the master is ever in doubt, such as when you fear your pet is being held by someone else. Inquire with your veterinary doctor about having the fingerprint of the dog.

Dogs require the best environment to grow up; if the owner is violent, the dog might find a way to escape. Obedience-trained dogs are more likely to work on commands like return when called, walk nicely on a leash, and run away. Training classes provide pet owners with a lot of advantages as the trainer trains them with different techniques, and it works too. So you must take care of your dog in the best way. 

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