How Did FIFA Come About? The History Of The Famous Series Of Games

by Maisie

The FIFA series of games is known to almost everyone. The game is notable not only for its unique strategy, but also for the way the brand of this game was built, because it is really known all over the world, and little boys just love to spend a couple of hours at the joystick. Fans are looking forward to the annual updates and are ready to spend a lot of money for the sake of their favorite game. Let’s talk about the history of such a legendary FIFA. In the meantime, upgrade yourself, buy fifa 22 coins and win!

The very beginning

The famous FIFA football simulator series dates back to 1993. At that time, of course, there were still no three-dimensional graphics, virtual prototypes of existing characters, the possibility of playing on the Internet. The first version offered a rather simple thing, sport with an isometric view. However, at that time it actually was a breakthrough.

Breakthrough of 1996

In 1996, a real revolution took place in the FIFA world! EA Sports has acquired a license for the names of football players. It was this step that began the process of bringing the virtual and real sports worlds closer together. Graphics also stepped forward. In versions for the most advanced platforms, the stadium has become completely three-dimensional. However, the players were still made in the form of sprite models. By the way, in the same year, real commentators living in the UK began to describe the events on the field.

In the next few years, the game continued its rapid evolution. The graphics have become much more aesthetically appealing. FIFA 98 has an editor that allows you to change the composition of teams and the characteristics of individual players. And there was also a full-fledged playlist made up of popular songs at that time.

Three same versions of game

The 2004, 2005 and 2006 games were very little different from each other. Of course, there were differences, but the overall picture was approximately the same. So, in FIFA 2004, the physics of the ball was improved and the system of punching free kicks was changed. In FIFA 2005, it became possible to give players instructions right during the match; in addition, the developers allowed them to create their own club in the editor in order to win them all possible trophies. In FIFA 06, editors Create a Player, My FIFA and Team Management appeared, giving players hitherto unprecedented scope for creativity in terms of changing the database of players and teams. As you might guess, it became an additional highlight, but it almost did not affect the most important thing – football. sportsman biography Know More About Favorite Athlete. chicks info Recent Viral Information Here

The point of major changes

Version 07 of the game has become a new and landmark point in the development of the series, charting the path that the developers have chosen for the next few years. And I must say, this choice was quite correct. We started at EA Sports with a small one: we changed the mechanism of performing passes and slightly tightened the fight for the ball, increasing the degree of realism of what is happening. One of the main mistakes of the series has also been fixed – the excessive effectiveness of some methods of taking someone else’s gate. If earlier several typical schemes allowed scoring with amazing stability, then in FIFA 07 the opponent’s defense acted differently every time – and in order to pass it, you had to make a lot of effort, come up with new strategies, in general, act according to the situation.

The Real Revolution 2009

After several years of stagnation, the game has been transformed, many changes have been made. Firstly, the graphics have improved significantly: the lawns have become clear, the movements of the players are smooth, and their models are detailed. However, the above applies more to the PC version of the project, because on consoles the visual part was of high quality in previous years. Secondly, the developers suddenly changed the in-game physics: athletes began to fall regularly during collisions, and the ball began to move noticeably more realistic. The game process has become more complex. There was no need to talk about small additions, such as mouse control, at all – there were an indescribable number of them.

Closer to modern reality

FIFA 16, in addition to improving the graphics and updating the lineups compared to the previous version of the series, was notable for the addition of women’s clubs and national teams. The version of the 2020 year was the first to introduce some new modes. Well, the last version of the game is about individuality. You will find a modified system, with which it will be even easier for you to check yourself and your achievements in matches with other players. You will find more and more opportunities to personalize the game, adjusting all the details individually for yourself and feeling like part of a team. Therefore, connect to the game and win! Good luck!

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