How Can You Write Faster and More Effectively?

by Maisie

If you are a researcher planning for your next research paper or a student trying to finish an assignment, you will always struggle to meet your deadlines as a slow writer. So, it’s a clear sign that you should try to increase your writing and typing speed and make it more effective. 

Also, if you have a lot of assignments piled up because you can write that much in such a short time, you should get out of your comfort zone and learn how to write faster.

In this modern age of technology, it Is not difficult anymore to improve yourself and work on your weak areas. If you want to write faster and more effectively, write daily, assign yourself a topic and try to compose an essay on that topic.

You can find many tips and ideas on the internet, but you don’t need to do this hustle. This article has mentioned everything you need to do to become a fast writer and typist. So, let’s find it together!

Tips On How To Write Fast and Effectively:

Here we have mentioned some important tips on how to learn to write fast and effectively.

  • Assigning Yourself A Topic:

Once you have spent some time writing and set your schedule, you might wonder what to write because you will be writing daily, and you need many topics and ideas to write on so that your practice session goes well. The topic can be your school or college assignment, that rough draft of the novel you are writing, or a part of your revision for your exam preparation or any school homework.

Still, if you do not have any pending tasks to do that can be included in your routine, you can unlock your phone and open Google, where you will find thousands of topic ideas that can be a part of your daily practice. If you still don’t know how to start your practice and are running short of time for your last-minute submission, you can get help from an essay writing service to finish your task quickly.

  • Writing Daily:

If you want to compose faster than usual, you need to practice daily as they say that practice makes a man perfect. With practice, you can get better. Writing is like a muscle; exercise more to make yourself more effective, stronger, and more efficient. If you don’t have a habit of practicing daily and are struggling to include it in your daily routine, you should set a time to practice writing.

If you have a busy and hectic routine, take some time out of your schedule and fix it for your practice session. That does not mean you need long hours to do this. You need to spare some minutes and consume them in your writing. 

Just write, write, and write. Don’t worry if you find your sessions a bit boring in the beginning, don’t worry. Just try to find a good and comforting spot in the house and have a cup of tea.

  • Creating An Outline:

Now you might question yourself, how much time do you have to spend even before writing, like planning and scheduling the stuff? This step may seem time-consuming and hard to you. Still, it will save a lot of your time in the end because when you start something, especially if that’s new for you, it is better to plan so that you don’t find any difficulty in doing that task and getting habitual to it.

Now the question is how to create an outline for your essay. You can take paper and pen and create a plan or make an outline on it. Write the time you’ve fixed for practice, the topic, and the word count you are going to practice daily, and decide a time you will finish your task; for this, it will be better for you to set the alarm or timer on your cell phone and stop composing when it rings, and in this way, you will notice a lot of improvement gradually.

  • Playing Typing Games:

If you want to increase your speed, you can download a typing game to help you become a fast typist. There are many typing games available on the play store and app store that you can download on your android and IOS. 

Not only this, but various typing tests are available online for free. You should check them out and start practicing to boost your typing speed. In this learning process, you should also focus on placing your fingers in the right posture for smooth and flawless typing.


Are you planning to enhance your speed and improve your writing style? As a slow writer or typist, you find it difficult to submit your tasks and school assignments on time. Also, you cannot put your ideas effectively on paper and can’t score well.

You don’t need to worry about yourself because it is simple and easy to learn how to write faster and more effectively. You need to follow a few tips mentioned in this article to become a fast and effective writer. Hopefully, this reading will be helpful and informative for you. Also, it will help you improve your skills quickly.

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