Hit While Riding Your Bike: What To Do

by Maisie

The truth is that none of us want to be in an accident. But the fact of the matter also is that many people do. That is why knowing what to do in such an instance can save lives. If you are wondering what to do if you were hit while riding my bike, then this blog is going to give you some answers.

Stay Down

If you have been just hit by a car or passing vehicle, your instinct may be to come up and continue. Don’t do this. Instead, stay down and where you are. This is because if you do start getting up, you may be causing yourself more hurt. When you have been hurt by a road accident, it can be difficult to determine exactly how much damage it has caused or how serious your injuries are. That is why staying right where you are is necessary.

Record Everything

This is so crucial when you have been hit while riding your bike. Take a click of the license plate as well as photos of the accident. Even when you know you haven’t been injured, it is important to gather evidence for the simple reason that you don’t know whether the damages will come to the fore later on.

It is also a good idea to record whatever the other driver is saying. This is because drivers are prone to change their stories when they find out that they could be pulled up for a big compensation for the damages they have done. So record everything at the moment.

Exchange Your Info

This is the third thing you must do. Gather all the information you can including the other motorists’ insurance info. Do everything you would do if it was a car collision. Make sure you have the car’s license plate number as well.

Get Medical Attention

This is crucial. After you have done all the above, you must get medical attention. Even if your injuries don’t seem serious, it is critical to get to a doctor or call for emergency help. This way you will be gathering medical information as well. This may be needed when you file your insurance claim.

Get Back to Riding

Many bike riders if they have been in an accident fear getting on their rides again. But that is not a good thing. Yes, an accident happened and as long as you are physically fit and healthy, you should continue riding. Make sure to take extra precautions if you do go riding.

Final Thoughts

It makes sense to do the above things when a car hits your hike. While the situation may be a scary one, it is also true that life will go on and you will have to get up. As long as you get the compensation from the other motorist if he was at fault, it is going to be fine. And this can happen only if you do all the things mentioned above.

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