Help your loved one to get rid of drug addiction

by Maisie

If someone close to you is severely addicted to drugs, that affects you a lot because you are not able to help him to get rid of this addiction. Then relax we are here for your help. Here we will tell you about drug rehab centers, their benefits, and how can you save your loved one from this addiction, which causes adverse effects on health.

What is a drug rehab center?

It is a place that offers treatment for drug addiction. There are two types of treatments first is inpatient and the other is outpatient. The treatment may be short-term or long-term based on the person’s ability to overcome this addiction. The treatment in the rehab center consists of various therapies. The different type of rehab center offers different treatment methods, environments, and level of care.

  • Inpatient Drug Rehab Treatment – there are inpatient drug rehab centers, in which a person has to live in the center while he is receiving addiction treatment. This is a good option because it helps a person to stay away from the thing that may trigger them to get into drugs again.Another benefit of living in this center is that it immerses the person in the entire healing process. Every activity they perform during treatment time and during free time is related to recovery. A person learns to replace the drugs with things that are good for their health, and life.
  • Outpatient drug rehab treatment – in this treatment a person doesn’t live in the center. Outpatient care taken in several layers –
    Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs), Outpatient Rehab Programs, Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) Substance use counselling.This treatment is done daily for a few hours, and each level mentioned above requires less time commitment. But this is not a good option because it will keep the person near to you, and because of this he may find difficulty with this treatment.

For this drug treatment, there are also faith-based recovery program that focus on spirituality in effective rehabilitation for the people who are dealing with drug addiction.

The Hader Clinic is a specialist facility for drug and alcohol treatment in Melbourne. We offer a medical psychosocial model of care for patients seeking alcohol rehabilitation and drug rehabilitation.

Why choose a faith-based recovery program?

National Centre on Addiction and Substance Abuse has stated that these programs are an efficient way of overcoming drug addiction because they understand that drug addiction is not only about physical affliction, but it also comprises of emotional and spiritual suffering of a person.

Those who conduct faith-based recovery program adopts a holistic approach for the person in which their social, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are taken into account. Their main motive is to restore all these needs within a person. Because of this recovery becomes more meaningful.

Things that are considered in a faith-based recovery programs –

  • Holistic and Substantial Recovery – as compared to traditional recovery methods that were mentioned earlier, these program focuses more than science and physical addiction symptoms. They adopt a holistic approach that helps a person to connect with Higher Power.This program introduces various elements that help a person to trust early in the process. It promotes the feeling of trust which helps the person to trust recovering peers, staff members, and the people who are in greater power. Because of this, the person with no fear shares his deepest fears, and also he feels safe.

    This program also takes certain values into account like love, forgiveness, acceptance, self-respect, etc., and because of this, it helps the person in transforming his mindset by creating emotional and psychological change.

  • The Personal Journey – this program focuses on encouraging transformative change by teaching a new behavior, and it also introduces a person to a community of believers that lives on a doctrine-based life.The faith-based recovery program follows an approach that emphasizes principles like serenity, happiness, and freedom, selflessness and mindfulness, new mindset, kindness to others, self-control, freedom from past mistakes, self-awareness, courage to phase challenges, making a connection with a Higher Power, self-love, and the love for others.

    All these principles help a person to become sober. Their transformative journey helps them to develop a sense of self-worth, and because of this, a person starts looking for certain ways that can make a good contribution to society.

  • Personal Convictions – this program forces a person to infuse deep convictions, and because of this, they can make a difference about what is right from what is wrong. As a person lives around a group of people who share their convictions, it gives him more chances to adapt similar convictions, which helps in the reduction of relapse.It also introduces a person to a community of believers to fun, drug-free establishments, and community. This is because a person watches others enjoying their lives without any drug addiction.

If we compare the traditional method with a faith-based recovery program, then this program is more efficient in overcoming drug addiction.

Benefits of overcoming drug addiction –

  1. Boosted energy – this is the topmost benefit that a person will notice once he will overcome this addiction. He will have more energy and enthusiasm to perform activities as compared to earlier when he was a drug addict.
  2. Quality sleep – a person will be able to take quality sleep because of which he will always feel fresh. Drugs affect the sleep of a person in an adverse way which creates problems like stress, anxiety, and depression, but when he will overcome this addiction, he will notice that he is no more facing this problem.
  3. Improved health – drug addiction causes various health problems to both mental and physical health. Once a person successfully overcomes this addiction he will see a remarkable change in both his physical and mental health. Also, his immune system will become strong.
  4. Increased hours – a person becomes tired very fast when he is on drugs, and due to this, he quits every task without finishing it. But once he stops taking drugs he will see that he has fewer sick days, and also he can do is work for long hours without quitting it.

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