Great Diving Spots in UAE

by Maisie

If you are planning to visit the United Arab Emirates in 2022, it is probably best to check out the amazing dive sites that are found along the coastline. Dubai is, of course, the centre of all activity in the UAE and when you have had enough of the rollercoasters in the fun parks, the marine life beckons.

Here are a few of the best dive sites in UAE.

  • Zainab Wreck – This deep wreck site is situated about 45 minutes from Palm Jumeirah, where you can swim with barracuda and yellow snappers and explore the clear waters as you descend. Non-divers in the group can enjoy a tour of a marine exhibition and when scuba diving in Fujairah, you are accompanied by an experienced guide.
  • Martini Rock – Not far from Palm Jumeirah, this is an ideal site for a night dive, as it is one of the deepest sites in UAE. You can watch turtles sleeping and a variety of rays feeding on the bottom and everything is illuminated for night diving. An early evening dive is recommended, then you can enjoy a waterside meal at a 5-star restaurant.
  • Inchcape – This is a dangerous dive that is only open to advanced divers that are experienced in 30m+ dives. You descend down holding a line until you reach a wreck that was deliberately sunk at that location to provide a place for marine life to gather. This is a deep-sea challenge that intermediate divers are looking to take on; Google will help you uncover more details of this dive site, which we recommend if you have some deep-dive experience. Dive shops are very eager to show you many great sites that are within reach of Fujairah and you can easily book online to reserve your spot for the most challenging dive in UAE.
  • Deep Dive Dubai – This is the largest dive tank in the world (60m deep) with a sunken city created for divers to explore. This is a unique diving experience for experts and novices alike; professional divers guide you through the levels, ensuring your safety.
  • Dibba Rock – Ideal for a beginner, Dibba Rock has a maximum depth of 14m and there is lots to see with rich marine life and clear blue water. Of course, diving gear is available for rent if you don’t have your own; you can also get your PADI or RAID.

While there is much to do on dry land, if you are to spend some time in UAE, you really should explore the underwater world that runs along the coastline and whether you are an expert or raw beginner, you can enjoy a unique diving experience in some of the best waters in the Middle East.

Online Solutions

If you fancy spending a couple of weeks in Dubai, you can arrange everything online; your flights, visas, accommodation and also diving expeditions can all be booked via the Internet. Once everything is booked, you can prepare yourself for the holiday of a lifetime togelup!

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