Giuseppe Meazza: how to become a legend of rivals

by Maisie

We cannot deny that every year football is becoming more and more spectacular, and the skills of star performers strive to become ideal. Indeed, if modern football players play with the stars of the past century, most probably they would win with a double-digit score. Moreover, now online betting is available on, which the bettors of that period couldn’t dream of. The Italian Giuseppe Meazza is definitely one of the most outstanding footballers of the early 20th century.

At the age of 13 (in 1923), he opened his own football school, in which he was a director. After about a year, he went to auditions to the Milan club, but the young striker was denied there, because the team representatives didn’t like his growth. Naturally, this decision hit the player’s ambitions, but he didn’t give up and decided to try his luck in another local team, namely Inter. And here he was lucky, because at the age of 17 he played his first match in 1927. It is interesting that at that time he weighed only 40 kilograms, with a 169 centimeters height. Now 1xBet allows online betting on all matches available in the site’s line. And then the fans of the Milan team needed to find a legal bookmaker to bet on their idols.

In the first 13 years of his career, he played 348 matches and scored 241 goals in the Italian championship, becoming a real star of national football. Many fans were delighted with his performance, because he didn’t have any special parameters but still dominated over his rivals. Interestingly, during the Second World War, he managed to play two seasons in Milan, but his performance was slightly worse than in Inter. Now in Bangladesh bet live cricket is possible on 1xBet. At that time, this sport was not so popular in Asia, and therefore it is understandable that many local forecasters were fond of football. After a relatively unsuccessful period in his career, Meazza left Milan trying his hand at Juventus, Varese and Atalanta. Quite symbolic is the fact that he ended his career in Inter in 1947. In the Italian national team, Giuseppe Meazza managed to play 53 matches and scored 33 goals. Of course, these numbers could have been higher if not for the outbreak of the war. By the way, if we return to cricket, the demand for this sport started in the post-war period, and therefore it was possible to bet live in various land-based betting points, because 1xBet has not been created yet.

What the player managed to achieve

The fantastic career of Giuseppe Meazza was directly related to a large number of titles. At you can find all the upcoming matches. Considering the fact that today many famous footballers have star status, it is quite interesting to predict their results. Giuseppe Meazza managed to:

  • win the Italian Championship three times with Inter;
  • become the top scorer of the Serie A three times;
  • win the World Championship with the Italian national team twice (1934, 1938).

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