Free online certification courses to get your dream job

by Maisie

Building your skill and educating yourself couldn’t have been more accessible than how these Ed-tech platforms have made nowadays. Constant learning and evolving are the need of the hour, and no matter how hard you hustle, until and unless you are not channeling the right potential within you, all your effort goes in vain. So to ride high on the success wagon, the first thing is the determination within yourself regarding which path you want to choose.

Let’s check out some of the latest courses that have overtaken the world and revolutionized technology and scientific advancements.

  1. Digital Marketing: If you are a person who loves everything about digital media and is mad over marketing, then this is your area of learning to focus on. Almost all businesses, whether big or small, are going online, and not only do they have websites to maintain, but so many digital channels to tap into the potential customers.

Free online classes are available in so many platforms. The duration of such courses is also short, and once you are certified, the door opens up to a world of endless possibilities. After understanding the technicalities of marketing in different social media channels, search engine optimization, Email marketing, etc., you can build a brand on your own or get paid for establishing one.

  1. Coding in Python: A programming language is the love language for so many software geeks. It is one form of coding extensively used to build websites and develop software and is adapted by so many non-programming domains. If you also look forward to building your career in this field, this should be your top choice among all the other alternatives.
  2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: The usage of bots in almost all applications nowadays depicts how useful this technology has become. AI is also considered a valuable business asset, as nothing more than this system can combine a high level of human intelligence with supernatural machinery traits. If you, too, look forward to being a part of this fantastic field, then you are just a few taps away.
  3. Data Science: If you are well versed in the pros and cons of AI and Machine learning and looking for another lucrative career in a similar field. Then undoubtedly, becoming a Data scientist will be the best decision for you, as it is declared the most promising career by LinkedIn itself. It is more about modern tools and techniques used for maintaining data, deriving patterns from them to study the customer’s choices and behavior, thus enabling business organizations to make crucial decisions.

These were options, to name a few, and are among the trendsetters, but if you further research the career options these days, they are too many to count. Even in literature, fashion, data analytics, and performing arts, the latest developments have helped to create a wide range of opportunities for all the talented souls out there.

You can use these online courses to pave your path, and for this, you just need to have that spark within you because your consistent effort and thirst for knowledge will change that little spark in the vast flames of glory.

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