Few Steps to Finding Pet-Friendly Housing 

by Maisie

If you’re looking for a new apartment with room for your pet, you may be wondering if the neighborhood is dog-friendly. If so, then read this article. It covers a variety of issues, including how to promote your pet’s presence in your search, what to expect from your neighbors, and how to find pet friendly apartments. Ultimately, finding pet-friendly housing may be easier than you think.

Renting a pet-friendly apartment in a dog-friendly neighborhood

When going towards Baltimore dog friendly apartment rentals, you should always consider whether or not the building is pet-friendly. Some buildings require residents to pay pet rent. These fees aren’t a significant addition to your rent, and they go toward the repair and upkeep of your apartment. Think of it like your four-legged roommate. The apartment may not be suitable for your specific breed, but the property manager will still be glad to accommodate you if they decide to accept a dog.

Before renting an apartment in a dog-friendly neighborhood, it’s important to understand what breeds are allowed and is not. Some buildings have breed restrictions and don’t allow aggressive or large dogs. Others will only accept dogs under fifty pounds. If you don’t mind living in a small apartment, a large breed may be okay, but if you have a small dog, you should consider an apartment with limited space.

Promoting your pet to find pet-friendly housing

One way to increase your chance of finding pet-friendly housing is to market your pet-friendly community. Pet owners make up nearly 60 percent of apartment renters. To promote pet-friendly housing, include the pet-friendly community in your website’s copy and alt descriptions. Also, feature pet amenities, perks, and policies on your website. By focusing on the pet-friendly lifestyle, your website will stand out in search engine results.

Renters are more likely to rent to pet owners than to non-pet owners. Studies show that pet owners are generally better tenants than non-pet owners. They stay in rental homes longer, get along with neighbors, and do less damage to the property than they claim. In addition, they spend less time looking for a new rental home, which reduces landlord costs and realtor headaches. But pet owners must play ball with landlords.

Finding a pet-friendly apartment

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly apartment, there are several things you need to consider before signing a lease. Some buildings do not allow pets of any size, while others may allow only cats or small dogs. Also, many have size restrictions – 40 pounds seems to be the magic cutoff for some buildings. Be aware that these rules can change at any time, so be sure to ask about them before signing the lease. If you aren’t going to live on your own make sure to find pet-friendly roommates.

In addition, make sure the landlords you’re considering allow pets. 

Renters must make it clear in the lease that they are allowing pets in their apartment buildings. Often, pet hair and dander remain in apartments long after their owners move out. Fur and dander in ductwork can trigger indoor allergies. A common mistake is not letting neighbors know that pet-friendly housing is open to pets. Rather, make it clear in the lease that the building is pet-friendly.

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