Exploring Custom Promotional Items

by Maisie

When you are thinking about creating promotional items with custom printing Singapore that have your business, logo, brand printed on a lot of people go with the simple pen. It is affordable, easy to hand out, and hopefully, people will keep it and use it until the ink runs out. But one of the downsides of a pen is that it tends to get chucked into a drawer or into a bag so it is visual as people are walking around. On the other hand, the ever-popular t-shirt or jacket is something people wear and are a lot more visible. Another option you might want to think about is the travel mug! So many people use a travel mug as they walk around outside, heading to the office and such. People are even taking in their reusable mugs instead of getting a take-out cup as it is a lot better for the environment.


The reason why travel mugs are such a great alternative to something more common like t-shirt printing Singapore is that it is different, more people are using travel mugs than ever with the pandemic as well as environmental responsibility, and they are a great space to place an advertising message and logo. It is like having your own small billboard walking around, in multiple versions when you have a lot of people using them!

When people see you are giving away material at a corporate event, or you are giving prizes for marketing competitions, a good quality travel mug makes a great choice, different from all the t-shirts they might see with other businesses. They are easy to print on and when you make them look good they will keep them for months or even years and keep advertising you and your brand. Even if you are not one of the many millions of coffee drinkers, a travel mug is just as good for any hot or cold drink, tea, hot chocolate, and more. It is a great option for promotional printing.

Jackets and shirts

When talking about successful items to use for custom printing Singapore you have to talk about jackets and shirts. T-shirts are the most popular you will find because so many people wear them, you can reach a large audience, and with a good quality printing job, it can last a long time too. They are also the more affordable option especially if you are buying in bulk.

Another garment that is growing in popularity though is a little more expensive is the jacket. Jackets look great with some embroidery or printing and can be used repeatedly giving you years of marketing. Rather than handing them out free you could make them for employees, or reward loyal customers with a gift.


Using t-shirt printing Singapore or some other promotional materials with custom printing makes good business sense. You can promote the business, a new product, spread brand awareness, advertise a specific service and more!

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