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by Maisie

Networking, discussion, building trust and customer relationships, looking at different aspects of working life and raising awareness. These are the goals of some marketing for a modern marketing and sales company and an expert.

Social provides a platform for open discussion and interaction, but who will have this discussion in the end? When I train the use of different tools as part of a company’s marketing, the question often arises as to how much I should personally be present on social media? Do I work as an expert and employee at Some or Can I work only with a company profile? And most of all, can I use my work time to “hang out” in the somehow?

Even if the company aims to have experts involved in marketing or SEO company and prominent company channels, there are two different things involved. We define for ourselves how we leverage social media as part of our job role.

As an expert in social media 

Building expertise is a pillar of one’s working life. As an expert, you can increase the company’s awareness, but your expertise is not tied to the company. Even if you post things related to the company, it doesn’t mean that your personal profile should be harnessed as a link for company updates.

A personal presence should support your professional goals and make your expertise visible so that its potential is understood by your potential clients or future co-workers. These goals can change along the way and your network can help you achieve them.

You always make your expertise visible yourself and at the same time build trust with other people.

First, think about your own goals for using social media and consider how these goals can be achieved. Does social media act as a way for you to find a new job, or does it help you with more interesting projects, ie does it promote sales of existing services? Your own activity, trust and recommendation from the network can bring a new clientele to the expert, even if you do not act as a salesperson.

Each social media channel offers opportunities e.g. producing short stories, publishing videos and live broadcasts, and sharing your thoughts in the form of articles, blogs, or updates, for example. Highlight your own strengths and what is the easiest way for you to produce content? If writing is smoother than talking on video, it’s a good idea to focus on producing content in the form of text.

What are the benefits of an expert’s active presence?

We prefer to chat with individuals rather than with faceless organizational accounts. The company benefits from the fact that the organization has experts known in its field and thus stimulating demand, but it is not possible to build the company’s marketing on its own. If the goal is to increase the company’s awareness and support the acquisition of new customers and experts from local SEO Agency, a LinkedIn company page, for example, is a prerequisite for achieving paid visibility.

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