Email signature for Office 365 Sigsync Review: Is it worth it?

by Maisie

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Requirements
  3. Sigsync Features
  4. Ease of Use
  5. Login
  6. Sigsync Dashboard
  7. Signature Modes
  8. Signature Generator or Editor
  9. Signature Rules
  10. Preferences
  11. Connector Configuration
  12. Sigsync Signature Outlook Add-in
  13. Performance
  14. Privacy
  15. Customer Support
  16. License, Pricing and Free Trial
  17. Comparison with other signature solutions
  18. Sigsync Review: Verdict
  19. FAQ’s


A robust, secure and easy-to-use Office 365 email signature

Email signatures are digital business cards that can leave a lasting impression on the audience. They improve your corporate image and aid in the development of trusting relationships. People will be aware of who you are, why you are contacting them, and how to contact you. It aids in the promotion of your product or service by enticing readers to visit your website, social media channels, or view your profile. An email signature is a critical component of your marketing campaigns. It demonstrates the personality of your brand, introduces the person behind the emails, and provides contact information. An email signature is a fantastic component in an email that many people overlook. Your email footer can be a powerful marketing tool in addition to serving as a virtual identity with contact information. Unleash the marketing potential of your email signatures by using branded signatures to all of your employees.

To include and manage such email signatures and disclaimers, you’ll need a dedicated email signature software solution that allows you to add your company logo, social media icons, product links, and mobile app links, giving your organization brand recognition.

Sigsync company wide Office 365 email signature for Exchange and Office 365 users is a cloud-based and centrally managed email signature solution. It enables you to create standardized signature templates that include company branding, user photos, social media icons, and user data from Azure AD. In addition, it also allows you to include tamper-proof, professional email signatures, email banners, content, mailers, and surveys in your signature.

Sigsync is a low-cost, simple-to-setup service that works with all email clients and mobile devices. Continue reading to learn how to use it and for a comprehensive review.


Probably the most simplest of all requirements without installations


Sigsync is a web and cloud-based service since there are no installations required. You can access it from various locations and devices without having to install or carry anything. As a result, it is extremely portable and convenient. For example, if you are designing a signature on your office PC using Sigsync’s signature editor, you can continue the design on your home laptop. Everything can also be managed from a single, clean interface. To use the Sigsync Signatures Outlook Add-in on your desktop, all you need is a web-compatible browser and Microsoft Outlook.


Sigsync Features

Has everything under the sun to make your email signatures shine


If we continue to list Sigsync features, we will run out of space. It has everything you need to make your email signatures look perfect. As a result, we list and highlight the most important features that we believe may be useful to users when using email signatures.


  1. Centralized and Company-Wide Web based Signature Management.
  2. Does not require desktop installations and is Platform independent
  3. You can add Tenant specific or Global Office 365 admins
  4. An Admin can manage the signatures & subscriptions from a centralized dashboard.
  5. Admin can add additional users by giving full/limited access permission
  6. Resellers can add clients & the owners can view all the clients.
  7. Very little technical expertise required to configure and use.
  8. You can directly import HTML code can into the signature generator
  9. Force HTML signature for all email formats
  10. Set email layout for chain/forward emails.
  11. Remove the default signature added by mobile.
  12. Add or skip email signatures for encrypted and digitally signed messages.
  13. Ready-made Signature Generator with more than hundred pre-designed free signature templates.
  14. One-Click and analytics helps in creating customer surveys, obtaining ratings and for effective marketing.
  15. Automatic retrieval of Azure AD values and photos.
  16. Supports adding hyperlinks, logos, images and Social media icons.
  17. Automatic updation of signature and disclaimers in ‘Sent-items’ for maintaining legal compliance.
  18. Signature can be previewed instantly using Sigsync Outlook Add-in
  19. Scheduler function to time-theme email signatures for campaigns and holidays
  20. Rule and logic based Office 365 email signature solution

Ease of Use

Sigsync is easy as a pie with its straightforward and guided interface


In this section, we will look at the various steps of configuring Sigsync and how easily users can proceed.


To configure and begin adding signatures, Sigsync does not require any technical or HTML skills. The login process is straightforward, with the option of either using an Office 365 account or creating a new Sigsync account.

Sigsync Dashboard

The Dashboard is the next interface, where you can add your first tenant. When you proceed to add the tenant, you will be guided through a three-step process in which you will authenticate your account, select the server closest to your location, and complete the process. The tenants are displayed neatly on the dashboard page for easy selection and navigation.

Signature Modes

Following the addition of the tenant, there are three ways to configure signatures in Sigsync. When you send an email in Server side mode, the signatures are added on the server. You can use the client side signatures to add signatures as you compose using the Sigsync Signatures Outlook Add-in. The mixed mode signature is a hybrid between the two options, allowing you to use both the server and client side signatures.

Signature Generator or Editor

The signature editor in Sigsync is a mini-application integrated into the main service. It includes a plethora of signature components as well as a signature design interface that allows you to create your own signature from scratch. You can even hone your design skills and boast about having the perfect signature design by creating one from the editor. There are numerous dynamic AD components, such as Personal and Contact fields. If you require additional assistance, you can enter any query in the search box for step-by-step instructions, which we believe is a very useful feature. If you’ve mastered the various components and features, creating the perfect signature with Sigsync shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. One advantage we’d like to highlight is that you have complete control over the signature design and management. For example, if you need different signatures for different teams, you can make one for each and assign it to the appropriate team. It is also possible to appoint tenant-specific or global administrators to manage and centralize signatures.

Free customized templates: For those who want to save time, there are a plethora of free signature and disclaimer templates that you can start adding your own elements to for greater customization. One of the best aspects of Sigsync is that the signature templates are neatly organized into categories such as Corporate, Outlook, and Dark Mode and GIF templates that you can use directly. You can also find ideas for creating email signatures for special occasions such as Christmas.

Signature Import: You can even import an HTML signature code directly into the editor if you already have one. After importing the template, you can add your own components such as banners, social media icons, analytics, and hyperlinks, among other things.

Signature Rules

Sigsync’s signature rules go even further in personalizing your signatures. It opens up an infinite number of possibilities for creating and sending unique signatures for various requirements, which is really impressive. This show-stealing feature is deserving of 5 stars from us. It gives users complete control over how they want to send signatures without forcing anything down their throats. Also, depending on how you assign them, these signature rules differ for different signature templates. In this section, we’ll go over the various rule conditions and how they’re used.

Assign Signature Template : You can create two different signatures and assign the first to a signature and the second to all subsequent emails in a conversation. This is useful for having a detailed signature to break the ice and begin the conversation with a toned-down version of it for future conversations.

Senders : The Senders section allows you to choose from a variety of options, and as shown in the screenshot, you can include a signature to All the Senders, Selected Senders, Senders from Group, or based on specific Azure AD Filters such as city, companyName, officeLocation, country, and so on. The same set of conditions can be used to prevent the signature from being sent to specific senders or Senders in a Group. For example, if your organization’s design or marketing teams require specific signatures, you can create an Office 365 group and select this group in the Senders list.

Recipients : You can target your email signatures to specific recipients using the Recipients section. If you only want a signature (such as one with basic details and an informational banner) for your internal recipients, you can assign this signature design to a rule that only includes internal recipients. This signature will now appear on any email sent to internal employees, making it easier to notify internal employees about training sessions, online webinars, and skill building sessions. Similarly, you can experiment with various options based on your needs.

Keywords : The Keyword option can be used to include or exclude signatures based on specific keywords. You can, for example, include a Keyword such as marketing, important, or campaign and directly insert signatures based on these themes. This feature is also useful for removing iPhone and Android default signature phrases such as Sent from my phone.

Rule Execution Flow : The Rule execution flow establishes the priority and order in which the various rules must be executed. For example, if a specific Sender’s signature takes precedence over a Recipient’s, the former rule will be followed first, and the signature will be applied over the latter. It is also possible to halt the processing of all rules once a specific rule has been executed.

Scheduler :  The Scheduler is a feature in and of itself that allows you to assign different email signatures to be inserted at specific time intervals. This feature is very useful for running targeted product marketing campaigns for festivals, charitable campaigns, emergencies, or to offer time-limited discount deals. You can set the signatures to run at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.


The Preferences are a set of options that allow you to have extra functionalities such as Syncing AD attributes, signatures under the latest reply or signatures only to the first email, signatures in new conversions by removing previous instances, signatures in the Sent Items folder, and so on. These options are neatly organized in a drag-and-drop interface and are available to each tenant.

Connector Configuration

If you want to use Sigsync in server side or mixed mode, you must configure Sigsync Connectors, which handle routing and signature addition on the server side. You can configure the connectors to only allow signatures for specific groups of users. It is a simple three-step process that takes only 5 minutes to complete.

Sigsync Signature Outlook Add-in

If you want to use Sigsync in client mode, you must install the Sigsync Outlook Add-in on both the web and desktop applications. When composing signatures, you can insert signatures directly by clicking on the add-in. In the Preferences, you can also configure the add-in to work in Preview only mode, which ensures uniformity and prevents other users from changing the signature layout and design.


There are no major complaints or qualms here

When compared to other similar signature solutions, Sigsync is a breeze to use with no glitches or complications. It does not necessitate any technical or expert knowledge. If you want to import your own HTML code, you can begin creating signatures with the interactive drag and drop components and some basic elementary HTML knowledge. It has a high performance because there is no installation or complicated procedures to follow. You only need to know your username and password to log into the interface. All of your tenants, templates, and settings are safe in your account, and you can access them at any time and from any location.

Security and Privacy

When it comes to Sigsync’s security, there are no second thoughts

On the security front, Sigsync’s commitment is commendable. It adheres to the Microsoft flow, and all authentication is highly secure using TLS and OAuth 2.0 authentication. Whenever you need to authenticate, you are taken to the official Office 365 login page, and Sigsync does not store any of your tenant login credentials. Sigsync is also ISO 27001:2013 certified, HIPAA compliant, and its servers are GDPR compliant, leaving no stone unturned in terms of security.

Customer Support

Outstanding and expert customer service who provide personalized attention

We have a lot to say about Sigsync’s fantastic and out-of-this-world customer service. If you want to understand how Sigsync works, its features, and overall picture of the product, we highly recommend taking a free product live demo where one of their expert representatives will take you through a complete tour explaining the finer nuances of how it works. It is one of the best features because it allows users to get to know it ahead of time and become acquainted with it. During this interactive one-on-one session, all of your doubts and questions will be cleared. On request, they will even create a free signature design for your entire team. If you need a quick design or are stuck for ideas, use the free signature design service. The best way to contact customer service is through the live chat window, but you can also send them an email or fill out the form on their support page. In contrast to other signature solutions, they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any questions you may have..

License, Pricing and Free Trial

Quite reasonable and a real deal worth the value for money

Sigsync’s pricing plans are extremely flexible and reasonably priced. It starts at $90 per month for 100 mailboxes (number of mailboxes can be changed as per your requirements) or $990 per year for 100 mailboxes with a one-month free subscription on annual plans. It’s also worth noting that pricing is determined by the number of mailboxes or users who use Sigsync. There are no restrictions or limitations on the number of emails you can send from each mailbox, making it an excellent service for targeted marketing campaigns. Additional discounts are available for nonprofits, government, and educational institutions, as well as users who purchase more than 500 mailbox licenses. With Sigsync’s flexible plans, you can easily upgrade or downgrade the number of mailboxes, or switch from monthly to annual billing.

Free Trial: When you first sign up, you will be given a 14-day free trial period in which you can try and test all of the features to your heart’s content. Another useful feature we discovered is that if your trial period is coming to an end, you can contact Sigsync support to have it extended if you want to continue using the service. Many competitors have strict time constraints when it comes to trying their free service, and Sigsync outperforms the competition with this extra option for users.

Comparison with other signature solutions



Pricing Very affordable for all the features Very Expensive for the same feature set
Customer Support Live Support 24/7. Live Support 24/5
Free Live Demo Yes No
Trial extendable On Request No
Free Signature Design Yes at no extra cost No
Flexible License Plans Yes No
Free Signature Templates Yes. More than 150 Less
Cost to Benefit Good Less

Sigsync Review: Verdict

After reviewing the workings and many features of Sigsync, it receives a 5 star rating from us for its flawless operation, ease-of-use, and a plethora of customizable options that simplify the entire process of adding email signatures. The Sigsync support team is fantastic, and we had no problems with anything from the login to the signature configuration. For step-by-step assistance, there are extensive help guides, user manuals, and FAQ. Three features that stand out are its free signature design service, free live product demo, and a wide-variety of free ready-made templates that can be selected and used right away. Sigsync definitely raises the bar for other similar products on the market and can be considered a very high-ranking product because it delivers on its promises. It is also the perfect Office 365 email signature for enterprises. Look no further than putting it to use is our bottom line.


Does Sigsync require any kind of installation?

Sigsync is a platform independent, cloud-based service. You can access it virtually from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a modern web compatible browser.

Do I require an Office 365 account to use Sigsync?

To access the dashboard interface of Sigsync, you do not need an Office 365 account. To add a tenant and configure signatures for them, however, you must have either a trial or a licensed working Office 365 account.

Why should I use Sigsync over other competitor products on the market?

There are numerous reasons why Sigsync outperforms its competitors on the market. Firstly, it is less expensive for the same features that others offer. As a result, for the same price, you have a better cost-benefit ratio. Second, unlike competitors, Sigsync offers free customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A free signature design service is also available for your entire team. When compared to other solutions, Sigsync is secure, simple to use, and does not lack anything. The signature editor provides a large number of free customized templates that can be quickly used to create professional email signatures. All these features make Sigsync an ideal choice.

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