Do Pinecrest Restaurants’ Patios Surpass Consumer Expectations

by Maisie

While summer might be coming to a close, that doesn’t mean Pinecrest residents have to stop enjoying the restaurants’ patios. Al Fresco dining is possible year-round, with establishments making concessions for guests who prefer the seating by either incorporating glass petitions for the space when the evenings cool or adding heat lamps.

Not all restaurants have the privilege of patio seating, but those who do need to find new and innovative ideas to make their setting stand out from the rest of the industry are attempting to garner attention.

How does your brand ambassador cut through this noise? What do you do to promote your restaurant as a favored conversation among the audience? Rejuvenate with the season. Going from spring into summer might be an ideal time for patio dining, but it doesn’t have to be your only premium time.

Many consumers prefer the progression from summer into fall, especially since it leads into the holiday season. Play off that and redesign your concept to cater to the audience’s mood. In what ways can you boost your patio sales regardless of the time of year in Pinecrest? Let’s look at some ideas.

How Can You Exceed The Consumer’s Expectations With Your Restaurant’s Patio

Regardless of the time of year in Pinecrest or any region within the country, people who dine out enjoy the experience a little bit more when they can sit outside. The ambiance is usually inviting, often seasonally designed, and not as restrictive, especially with a larger group.

Many establishments have made concessions to ensure their patios are available longer throughout the year, including adding heat lamps, and some have installed glass petitions.

Of course, the most enticing times for people to enjoy the patio include spring throughout the summer.

Still, a large portion of the population looks forward to the fall with the changing leaves as the optimum view, pumpkins scattered along the landscapes, straw bales, and the excitement of the coming holiday season.

There are a few ways to encourage a consumer to enjoy patio dining; find tips restaurants can incorporate into their patio dining at Then check out these ideas.

●    Incorporate menus with selections only available for outdoor guests

If you want your restaurant to stand out from others in the industry, it’s essential to think outside the box. Not everything has to be done with one standard methodology simply because that’s the expectation. Perhaps the consumer anticipates that somewhere an establishment might color outside the lines. You could be that one.

Instead of having a standard menu applied to all diners, create one for the indoor audience and a different menu for those sitting outside. The patio experience will be entirely distinct from the standard those inside are accustomed to. That doesn’t mean the indoor guests will be left without perks; the two will merely be unique.

Heating the space is an excellent way to extend the season

While the prime time for restaurant patio seating is often during spring through the summer season, you can extend this time period in a number of creative ways that will stand out for your guests. You want diners to be comfortable in any temperature. Often the sense of being warm can blend the physical with psychological “cues.”

Including a well-placed fire pit central to the patio will give guests the sensation of warmth regardless of their distance from the heating source. Along those same lines include outdoor fireplaces for inspiring exceptionally comfortable, inviting feelings, as do “fire pits atop the tables.”

In addition to this ambiance you’re creating, heating lamps can be incorporated for additional warming sources allowing dining regardless of how low the temperature decides to fall.

Lighting will offer the desired aesthetic when the sun goes down

The days will start to get shorter as fall sets in, meaning the sun will go down sooner, creating a different aesthetic for patio dining. That means bringing out lighting that will create an enjoyable, memorable experience.

One suggestion for outdoor patios is string lighting. It is exceptionally budget-friendly and energy efficient, with the capacity to go nearly anywhere for an added burst of light, whether you want to highlight sections of the bar area, showcase the band’s platform, or emphasize the canopy. These are also an excellent addition to the assorted greenery strewn around the space.

A suggestion is to make greater use of candles, fire pits, and lanterns on the outside of the restaurant than artificial lighting for a softer glow while dining. It’s an added privilege for outdoor guests that you don’t get with the indoor experience. Visit for guidance on attracting guests to your outdoor patio.

Final Thought

Whether a Pinecrest restaurant patio or another establishment in the country, it’s vital not to create your outdoor dining space only to be used for the hottest months of the year. If marketed properly and designed adequately, the area is prime for use throughout a major portion of the year.

You might be catering to what you believe the consumers expect, but it’s essential to find out what the guests long for. While there are, of course, specific rules and regulations all restaurateurs must follow, the best ones step outside the box.

Their clients never know what to anticipate because chances are taken and going outside the lines. That makes the guests look forward to what might come next.

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