Design plans and ideas for Bungalow extension

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Bungalow extensionsI wish to extend my Bungalow, what should I take into consideration first? 

Bungalow extensions can increase your overall property value which makes it a great investment. Viewing the structure of the roof, a chalet bungalow is always a great idea. However, if it is a low level structure, all extensions must be sympathetic to the original building design. Modern technology is making it easier and easier for builders to alter your bungalow in any way you might desire. In some cases you won’t even have to leave your home while the extension is being done. Given below are few other factors regarding when and how to go about your bungalow extensions.

Bungalows: making most of them

Bungalows are great purchases as they offer many possibilities of adding value, most notably through extension. Usually, bungalows are located in huge plots, meaning extending those outwards is usually the best option otherwise there will always be a possibility of extending it upwards by simple loft conversion. Both these methods come with their own merits but it’s more about deciding what will be more suitable as per your lifestyle. With an abundance of bungalow extension ideas on the market, you are sure to find the best and most suitable concept that matches your home’s style and your budget. Share these amazing ideas on live streaming platforms such as Twitch and get the chance to interact with your audience in real-time. If you wish to have a stronger digital presence, buy twitch viewers.

What is a bungalow extension?

Bungalow extensions are usually made to increase the overall size of your home. The reasons you might consider an extension in your bungalow is mostly to compensate for your growing families demands or perhaps to just improve the overall functionality and look of your home by extending the ceiling, creatinG extra storage compartments or adding a guest room to your bungalow.

A Bungalow extension can either go upwards or outwards depending on needs and available space. Several individuals purchase a bungalow for this main reason, to extend a great way of enhancing property value and it can work out much cheaper as compared to purchasing bigger houses to begin with. Extensions to bungalows are highly popular for growing families and those who are looking to sell their property quicker and for a higher profit.

Ideas for bungalow extensions

Popular home improvement websites will give you the best bungalow extension ideas. Various types of designs for bungalow extension exist depending on whether you wish to extend outwards or upwards:

Extending upwards – converting a loft is generally the quickest and the least expensive way of extending a bungalow. Maximum bungalows come with bungalow extension ideas, substantial attic space thereby providing enough space for a large bedroom with en suite bathroom. You should however remember that you can invest potential buyers off in case your bedroom is situated upstairs. As several older people are willing to purchase a bungalow hence part of the attraction of bungalows gets eliminated with stairs.

For upward bungalow extensions there are two major constructional factors that will affect the possibility of your home extension. The first one is the height of the roof. If your attic is too low, you will either have to lift the entire roof or use the space for storage or a children’s play area. The second factor is the fact that a lot of strengthening beams will have to be constructed into your home and you will need sufficient space for a staircase.  Upward extensions might require the evacuation of your home in cases of a roof lift or when extra beams are installed throughout your home.

Extending outwards – it is a great thought to extend your bungalow outwards if you are having a significantly large plot. However this would cost you more money as well as take somewhat more time. Those who are extending outwards have scope of adding more than a single room. Your outward bungalow extensions can include extra bedrooms, storage spaces, adding a garage, study space or conservatory to your small home. Outward extensions can usually be done without disrupting your family since the break into your home will only be done once the extra rooms have been completed.

Bungalow extension designs

One can see all ways of bungalow extension plans available online but it is better to consult your architect regarding what you desire and what approximate amount you are willing to invest. Professional house extension companies are capable of drawing plans that will fit all your requirements. Bungalow extension designs have to be approved in most countries which is why it is best to find an accredited architect or house extension company to ensure you don’t waste precious time and money on faulty designs. An accredited organization will also be able to inform you of the best bungalow extension plans for your home so you don’t end up damaging your home’s structure when the extension is done.  You should provide your designer with all your bungalow conversion ideas so they can draw up a plan that suits you and your family.

Building regulations for bungalow extension

Extensions are developments that are permitted, provided that one meets conditions set by the planning department. For all kinds of house extensions, you must still obtain building regulation approval. For instance, the following projects will require building regulation approval:

New chimneys

Installing fresh heating appliances

Installing showers and baths that involve waste or drainage plumbing

Loft conversions- alterations of internal structures like removal of load-bearing wall, etc.

House extensions like for bathroom or kitchen

Read the building extension regulations here

What is the cost of bungalow extension?

Extending a bungalow will cost you somewhere between £800 and £1800 per square meter. The cost depends mostly on the location, type of materials one is using and how much work is required. For more detailed quotations you can contact local builders available in your area.

When you consider the cost of bungalow extensions you should also include the cost of your planners and the approval costs that could affect your budget greatly. If you consider all the costs and budget for some unexpected costs then your bungalow extension will go smoothly.

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