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Whether you are a die-hard fan of your favorite music genre or you just like to listen to songs from time to time, you can do so with the help of online music websites. These websites are known to offer a wide variety of music for free. But what are some of the best free music download sites out there?


Whether you’re looking for music, TV, movies, or books, Gaana has a solution for you. Gaana offers a slew of free apps to suit your needs. You can stream the latest Bollywood, regional and Mirchi Play songs for free, and even download the tracks for later consumption. If you’re looking for something a little more personalized, you can create playlists and share them with friends. Plus, if you’re feeling lazy, you can even listen to your playlists offline!

The best part is that it’s available on nearly every operating system imaginable. And it even comes with a few cool features you won’t find in your average app. For instance, it can sync songs you’ve downloaded to another device, letting you play your favourites offline. Plus, it’s the first Punjabi or Hindi radio station to do so without interrupting the flow of your songs. It’s also one of the best mobile apps for music lovers, which is a win-win. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the latest updates, because the app’s latest versions are built to last.

There are a few other contenders, but Gaana squeaks out the win for the best music app available. The company has more than 45 million MP3 songs available for download, and it even offers thousands of playlists handcrafted by music buffs. You can even listen to Live Radio, which makes for a pleasant change of pace.


Originally named Unborn Media, PureVolume is a music streaming site. It was founded in 2003 and aimed to provide a way for indie musicians to connect with fans. The site also featured editorial content. It is not a household name, but it is one of the most popular music websites in the world. Whether you want to listen to new music or learn about the latest trends, you can find what you’re looking for on PureVolume.

PureVolume was the first music website to be independently run. It allowed bands to upload and stream music files, and it allowed fans to interact with artists through profiles. The site aided the growth of several bands, including Gym Class Heroes.

PureVolume was a music service that allowed fans to track the songs they like, and it allowed artists to make their music available for free download. The website is easy to use, and its search bar makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Besides music, you can also check out the news, the music catalogue, and social networking features. If you’re not a fan of Google Chrome, you won’t be able to access PureVolume.

PureVolume was created in response to the bad standards of the music industry in the 2000s. The website was designed to give artists a new promotional tool, and its free downloads and PurePicks were put out every week. The site also hosted yearly parties at music conferences, but they were discontinued after the company sold to Buzzmedia.

Currently, PureVolume is not the biggest website in the world, but it’s a site that fans can use to find new music. It’s also a great tool for indie labels looking to promote new artists. As of June 30, 2018, PureVolume shut down its music service. However, the website remains popular.

For fans of many different genres, it’s a great way to find their favorite music, and it’s a great way for indie artists to find fans. The website also features a number of different categories, making it easy to find music you’ll enjoy.

20 Best Free MP3 Music Download Sites

Among the many free MP3 music download sites, you will find several that are very useful. You can listen to your favorite music, download songs and save them for future use. Some sites also offer you the option of downloading mp4 videos. However, not all free sites offer good quality. Hence, you need to check for malware and adware before opening your browser.

The Internet Archive is a great site that provides free music downloads. It is one of the oldest digital libraries in the world, and it also offers other media such as audiobooks, e-books and live music. It is also very user-friendly and offers various filtering options.

Another great source of free music downloads is Mp3Fusion. This site has a database of more than 100 thousand free music downloads, which are indexed by a real-time popularity engine. Moreover, it also offers a huge database of lyrics. You can search for songs by genre, artist, song title or even by chart. Moreover, you can also buxic search for downloads from other sites.

ReverbNation is a website that is very similar to SoundCloud. The only difference is that ReverbNation is a site for artists. It is a music sharing website that has helped many musicians and record labels launch their careers. Moreover, it also provides a wide range of new bands and artists. You can also download music for commercial use.

WUFM is an independent, freeform radio station in New Jersey. You can listen to popular songs by the names you know. However, you will need to enter your email address to get access to the site’s music. Moreover, you must also check for the license of the song you intend to use for commercial purposes.

Audiomack is a free music sharing site that allows you to download and upload audio files. The site’s user-friendly design allows you to search for the music you want. It also features a radio option. Moreover, you can also browse the site by songs, albums, music videos, and countries. You can also download songs from a variety of artist websites.

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