Confused for Best 1.5 ton AC In India? Keep Calm and Go Ahead With These Tips

by Maisie

India, being a tropical land, is subject to scorching heat in the summers. The temperature is high, and the experience is sweating. That’s when the thought of purchasing an air conditioner overrules one’s mind and body. Summer temperatures set India on fire, especially the Northern part. The best 1.5 ton AC in India has been the lifeline of Indians in rising mercury situations. Even the thought of an air conditioner cools our system.

The benefits of the same are no doubts amazing but the choice is equally tough. The purchase of AC is a bit expensive affair so perfect specs should be considered to crack the best deal. Here is a list of tips and tricks to select the best brand of 1.5-ton ACs in India as per your requirement and pocket preferences.

  • Power efficiency and high rating of the brand

The rise of electricity bills after installing an air conditioner is no more a secret now. Hence, it’s always advisable to choose the brand that is high in star ratings but low in energy/power consumption levels. The star ratings in the case of gadgets are inversely related to the energy consumption of the product. Opting for an inverter AC is even more economical as the power consumption of these is comparatively low.

  • Size and area of the room

Assessment of the area to be cooled down by the AC needs consideration. As 1.5-ton Air Conditioner are good for limited size rooms and not for large halls or workplaces. The cooling capacity of the consideration of the same needs for proving its effective worth and the respective worth of value. So, remember the compatibility of the choice with the area where the same is to be installed matters.

  • Stressing on the basics

It’s wise to be not influenced by advertisements and marketing strategies. Instead, one should focus on the basics of the assembling process and installed components and materials. The companies load the improvised features for making the product attractive and distinct but it’s important to understand the actual purpose of buying the same. Therefore, the material used as per the coils and compressor etc. should be considered. These may though make the product a bit expensive, but the reliability, quality and durability make the same worth the value. Believe it or not, the good quality AC may be your perfect partner in dealing with the high temperatures, but a low-quality preference may poorly perform and make you regret your decision.

  • Considering after purchase maintenance and servicing

Air conditioners are mechanical as well as electrical gadgets. Hence, it becomes mandatory to get them serviced at regular intervals of time to ensure smooth and efficient working of the same. So, the after-purchase maintenance and servicing cost plus the repair and fixture charges need to be ascertained beforehand.

It’s worth buying those ACs for which the service providers and spare parts can be easily accessed at the local markets. Purchasing a limited edition or distinct option can be hefty in case of any technical issue.

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