CompTIA Network+ N10-008 Cert Guide (Certification Guide)

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In the IT industry CompTIA Network+ is a widely recognized certification. It is a vendor-neutral and entry level certification in the IT industry. This certification provides knowledge about key networking and prepares the experts to work in IT organizations. CompTIA Network+ certification holders prove their skills in network cabling, network troubleshooting, subnetting, configuration and network operation. The technologies related to the cloud and virtualization is easily comprehensible to them.

Today, we can see that Technology is expanding rapidly. With the continuous changing in technology, associated certifications are also changing and CompTIA’s Network+ certification is one of its examples.  A new version of the Network+ exam is introduced by CompTIA in September 2021 and that updated version is N10-008. In June 2022 the N10-007 exam will be retired as the new updated version of the Network+ N10-007 will completely replace it.

Facts about Network+ Exam:

The Network+ is not considered as a vendor-specific certification. This certification examines a huge series of skills and networking concepts. That’s why achieving the Network+ certification for IT professionals is observed as an ideal starting point. This exam not only expands candidate’s foundational knowledge but also enhances his understanding about the other areas of IT industry like the cloud and security etc.

Network+ N10-001 was the first ever exam introduced by the CompTIA Network+. Obviously, with the passage of time and to cope up with the advanced technology we bump into N10-007 and finally N10-008. Though both exams are different from each other but the topic is the same. The applicants should have the knowledge about how to secure a network environment, how to implement, operate and troubleshoot the problems.

Particulars of CompTIA Network+ N10-008 certification:

The new updated certification of CompTIA Network+ N10-008 demonstrates the abilities of a candidate that how he/she implements enterprise-level wireless and wired network solutions. Furthermore, he/she should have deep understating of identifying troubleshoot network performance issues and to harden the networks to decrease security exposures against threats.

The only one certification that can cover the network engineer’s required skills is CompTIA Network+ N10-008. The other certifications are also available but they don’t provide the detailed knowledge and action-oriented skills that are needed in networking situations. In the N10-008 certification four major updates are included such as the internet of things (IoT), Virtualization, Cellular 5G and the cloud. Though the Virtualization is properly discussed in CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam but it’s highly version is presented in the Network+ N10-008.  Virtualization is considered very important for those people who work from home. Therefore, to expose this rising trend CompTIA is familiarizing its certifications among people.

Very soon 5G will be observed everywhere. Network+ exam will cover the aspects of this technology as well and it will be recognized globally soon. 5G stands for fifth-generation technology for cellular connectivity and networking. The most fantastic feature of 5G is that it will be able to transfer data within a second. The question like how to troubleshoot 5G connectivity is also expected in the N10-008 Network+ exam. As 5G only performs within a range of thousand feet of the tower so while troubleshooting you must know that the user is within range of the tower. These types of questions are expected to be asked in the N10-008 exam.

Older exam covered very briefly and broadly the Internet of Things, or IOT, but the N10-008 exam is a bit different now. The candidate should have the knowledge of how to access IoT devices from a distance on your network. The Network+ exam pondered over technologies like RFID and Bluetooth. The more interconnected societies or specifically in homes, professionals’ demand to troubleshoot them has increased. CompTIA understand it properly and promptly added this feature in the N10-008 exam.

Undoubtedly, in digital world the cloud has taken the central position. In the N10-008 exam the role of the cloud is much larger than the N10-007 exam. N10-007 exam only required broad knowledge of the cloud but now it is obligatory to gain knowledge about cloud redundancy concepts like Cold Site, Warm Site and Hot Site. Moreover, a critical component of cloud technology is a load balancing traffic. So a candidate must expect the questions regarding the methods of different load balancing and how to use its different types.

Why N10-008 Exam is Important?

People who work with the networks on a daily basis should take CompTIA Network+ certification as it is perfect for them. This exam covers all information that is needed for a network user like hardening a network against mischievous activity and networking fundamentals. Moreover, CompTIA Network+ N10-008 certification enhances the value of candidate’s resume and proves that you are knowledgeable and able to understand the new updated skills. N10-008 certification holders are the first priority of the companies to bring them on front line for solving, triaging user issues in real time and troubleshooting.

N10-008 Exam Details:

There are seven important points that should have to be remembered before appearing in the N10-008 certification exam. The exam consists of 90 questions and the time allocated is 90 minutes. The main features of the exam are multiple-choice, performance-based, drag- and- drop questions. The passing score is required 720 marks on the scale of 100-900. This exam is presented in German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and English.

CompTIA official website is providing N10-008 exam questions answers study material regarding the exam that will help you passing the exam. Besides CompTIA there are also some other websites which are providing authentic and comprehensible study guide and practice tests for the exam. is one of these websites. They are providing high quality study package with all necessary features. Interested candidates should visit this site and take the advantage from their offers.

Final Thoughts:

Today, the scope of cloud engineering is increasing and it is considering most demanded profession in the job market. With the help of CompTIA Network+ N10-008 certification you will have the ability to chop hybrid networks and troubleshoot cloud. CompTIA Network+ N10-008 certification is one of the best ways to acquire knowledge about the fundamentals of computer networking and latest trends. Furthermore, this certification boosts your marketability in the competitive marketplace of the IT jobs.

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