CBD Salves 101: Understanding Which Ingredients Help The Process

by Maisie

CBD is a cannabis compound touted for its potential to alleviate pain and inflammation without getting you high. Most athletes put CBD products such as balms and salves in their health routine to enhance performance when experiencing pain.

As research on CBD needs to catch up with the demand for its benefits, it is already offering promising outcomes for reducing muscle soreness. So, it can be an excellent option for any post-workout pain.

CBD salves are the most common products that athletes use to relieve pain. Below is everything you need to understand which CBD salve ingredients help the process.

Understanding which Ingredients help the process

1.   Organic Arnica Extract

The Arnica extract comes from a perennial flower called Arnica Montana found in the mountains of Siberia and Europe. The Arnica plant has helenalin and sesquiterpene lactones. These two are active ingredients used for centuries as herbal remedies.

Salves from this flower extract relieve muscle soreness and bruising and help reduce inflammation and swelling. A CBD salve provides all the terpenes, cannabinoids, and Arnica compounds that work together to offer you full benefits of the hemp plant without the typical green color or cannabis odor.

2. Beeswax In A CBD Salve

Beeswax is a product made from the honeycomb of honeybees and other bees. Beeswax helps to relieve pain and reduce swelling effects in the body.

CBD salves incorporate beeswax in their ingredients to reduce pain, physical function, and joint stiffness. The antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties of beeswax help treat acne. Organic beeswax also helps to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

3. Calendula Oil Extract

Calendula oil is an extract from marigold flowers used as an alternative treatment. This natural oil extract has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory components helpful in healing wounds, relieving diaper rash, and soothing eczema.

Calendula oil elixir has high antioxidant content that works to neutralize oxidative stress in your body. It also helps to enhance skin hydration, repair skin damage, and improve elasticity and firmness.

4. Camphor Oil Tincture

Like the aforementioned CBD salve ingredients, camphor oil extract has antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. A CBD salve containing camphor oil helps improve the skin’s overall appearance and relieves skin irritation and itchiness.

Camphor has relaxant and antispasmodic properties that help to relieve muscle cramps, stiffness, and spasms. A combination of CBD and camphor is responsible for treating flatulence, warts, acne, cold sores, and hemorrhoids.

5. Eucalyptus Oil Extract

The eucalyptus is an indigenous tree native to Australia even though it is all over the world. The eucalyptus oil extract is from the leaves of this tree.

Eucalyptus has anti-inflammatory properties that help to relieve joint pain and sore muscles. A combination of CBD and eucalyptus will work wonders if your muscles are sore after working out or if you have chronic pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow.

The eucalyptus oil in a CBD salve contains a natural antiseptic used to soothe insect bites, burns, cuts, and sores. The antibacterial components work to prevent the development of new germs.

A CBD salve with eucalyptus oil extract has antibacterial properties to protect the skin from infection. This extract uses pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory components and a natural cooling sensation to soothe a painful sunburn.

6. Menthol In CBD Salves

Menthol is a naturally occurring substance found in various mint plants, including peppermint. Menthol extracts are added to CBD salves to offer quick, temporary relief for sore joints and muscles.

Medical experts term menthol a counterirritant ingredient because it creates a small amount of inflammation or irritation around the area where you apply the CBD salve. Menthol creates a cooling sensation on the affected part without changing the temperature of your skin or muscles.

The pleasantly cool and warm feelings distract your brain from the pain you feel in your joints or muscles, offering temporary relief.

7. Sunflower Seed Oil Extract

The sunflower seed contains linoleum, oleic acid, sesamol, and vitamin E, which help the skin’s protective barrier. This natural extract added to a CBD salve acts as a non-comedogenic treatment that helps in healing wounds.


You may experience dry skin, blisters, chafing, and muscle soreness if you engage in many exercises. Use CBD salves on the affected part to relieve pain and protect your skin from further damage. When using CBD salves, incorporate physical therapy such as stretching and massages for excellent results.

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