CBD Oil for Dogs – Purchase Tips

by Maisie

You’ve probably heard of many benefits of cannabidiol for dogs, so you’ve decided to give it a shot. This natural remedy can do many good things for your pet’s health. For example, CBD oil eases pain and improves mobility in dogs with arthritis or any other degenerative disease. Also, it soothes infections and calms your dog during stressful moments. More on the benefits of this hemp derivative read on this web page.

Although CBD oil is generally safe for dogs, some side effects are possible. These include excessive panting, lethargy, vomiting, dribbling urine, and loss of balance. If you use genuine and trusted hemp products, these happen rarely. But if you go with cheap or low-quality products, you put your pup at risk of severe complications.

That’s the primary reason to buy CBD supplements for dogs carefully. Unfortunately, many people somehow neglect that many fake hemp goods circulate on the market. So if you don’t want to end up with counterfeits or dangerous products, research different brands and look for a reliable vendor. It’s easy to spot fake CBD oil if you know what to look at.

Look for Organic Products

The origin of hemp from which CBD oil is obtained should be known, so as the cultivation method. Renowned breeders use particular hemp strains with little to no THC, as this substance is not desirable in animal products. Also, this plant should be grown in clean areas, without excessive exposure to pollutants from water, air, and soil.

Hemp is a powerful absorbent, as it can soak up various toxins and chemicals used by manufacturers. As a result, they can have a detrimental effect on your pet’s health. Also, solvents from the extraction process can stay in CBD oils. These are non-toxic but might affect your dog adversely.

That’s why owners should look for products made of organic hemp. In such production, minimal or no chemicals and fertilizers are used. If the label doesn’t provide information about hemp origin or extraction method, you shouldn’t trust that product.

Check Potency

Dosing is a major consideration when buying CBD oil for your dog. It will depend on many factors, and you must be clear about that before purchasing any product. Oils from different brands will vary in composition and cannabidiol percentage, which affect their potency. Also, watch out for phrases like ‘hemp-based’ or ‘hemp-infused.’ These products usually contain less cannabidiol than stated.

In most cases, the amount of an active substance is expressed for the whole bottle, not per serving. So you will need a little math to calculate the amount of oil for one dose. The recommended dosage is 0.1-0.2 mg of CBD for every pound of your dog’s weight. Make sure to use this oil as your vet said.

Dosage guidelines are explained below:


THC Amount

Regardless of the brand’s popularity and product efficiency, you should always look for THC or other harmful ingredients like artificial sweeteners, flavors, and preservatives. These compounds can trigger some unwanted symptoms in your pup.

As for THC, its amount should be less than 0.3 for hemp goods to be legal and safe for animal use. Just make sure to check the lab’s certifications and results to ensure quality. This way, your dog can take advantage of this natural supplement.

Look for Lab Report

The best way to check the reliability of a CBD company and product is to look for reports from third-party labs. Producing dog-friendly oils ends with analyses showing their quality, safety, and efficiency. This document should contain a list of ingredients, their amounts, raw material origin details, extraction method information, etc. It shows that CBD oils are safe and ready for sale.

Lab reports should clearly indicate CBD type used in pet-friendly oils. Broad-spectrum and isolate oils are allowed. Full-spectrum products will have a high amount of cannabinoids and terpenes. But they contain THC, too, which is not the safest thing for your four-legged buddy. THC can enhance CBD action in controlled amounts, making it even more potent. But don’t buy full-spectrum oils without prior consultation with your vet.

Avoid Cheap Products

When looking where to purchase CBD for dogs, choose trusted brands and vendors that offer high-quality products. Remember that these goods can’t come cheap due to the complex production and extensive testing they should undergo. So if you run onto hemp supplements advertised as ‘great deals’ for a bargain, it’s better to skip them.

But you shouldn’t overpay CBD oils for dogs. If the product price differs a lot from the rest of the offer, that can be another scam from fly-by-night companies that just want fast earnings. Instead, you should look for good value for the price you pay. A quality CBD oil will be worth the money if you buy it from trusted sources.

You should always compare several brands and vendors. Check their reputation, customer feedback, and websites. Manufacturers and sellers must have licensed companies with excellent ratings and transparent business and be honest about their CBD supplements. Don’t agree to anything less than that.

CBD oil for dogs does show promise in helping these animals overcome different health issues. It’s a great alternative to prescription drugs, which often have side effects. But don’t fall for cheap or falsely advertised goods. Instead, take some time to research several products and vendors. You can run onto some great deals and discounts.

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