Casino Bonuses That Are Worth Your Attention

by Maisie

Experienced gamblers are probably familiar with the best online pokies, free spins without deposit and other bonuses offered by casino houses. Meanwhile, many newbies are still trying to weigh the bonus that benefits them the most. Frankly, casino bonuses come with advantages and disadvantages for the player. This article will show you which bonuses to consider.

Set 1

  • Sign Up Bonus

Casinos usually offer a one-time bonus to newbies which can only be received after due registration. The sign-up bonus is also a welcome bonus which includes a deposit bonus or free spins. Some casinos offer both, which can only be claimed after signup but it can also be claimed with a code. Welcome bonuses can range from 25% to as much as 500%. This is because large bonuses are the only way to bring in new customers.

  • First Deposit Bonus

Simply put, a deposit bonus is the added cash to a player’s first deposit. Most casinos offer a 100% deposit bonus on every player’s first deposit. For instance, where a player deposits £100, he will receive another £100 freely as a deposit bonus.

Set 2

  • No Deposit Bonuses

This bonus is usually offered by online casinos in specific situations. For instance, there’s a bonus for someone who opened a new account. In most cases, no deposit bonuses come in the form of multiplier game money or free spins. No deposit bonus typically provides the player with a chance to try his hand at the casino site without using his own money. So far, no deposit bonuses have brought many gamblers into the industry.

  • Free Spins

Casinos usually offer free spins for a particular game. The player can either keep the wins as bonus money or real money. Free spins are, however, only accessible for a stated amount of bet at the minimum.

Set 3

  • Casino Bonus

Casino houses have become widespread all over the world. This creates industry competition among them through bonus programs. Each casino house in offering bonuses aims to get the gambler to create an account and keep gambling for a long time. A popular strategy casino houses employ is to offer a VIP casino bonus.

In any case, welcome bonuses are very common which is typically good news to gamers who are always on the lookout for bonuses. Due to the degree of competition among casinos, it’s easy to weigh the bonuses. Simply go for the one that suits your needs. Most of them are offered for certain scenarios and to a certain degree. Consider them carefully and choose the one that matches your playing style.

  • Live Casino and Mobile Casino Bonuses

Casino houses offer bonuses for live games. For instance, deposit bonuses are usually granted to players who play live. Many online casinos have developed mobile casinos which make benefits available to the players through apps. Since the apps are just a mobile version of the real casino, most of the bonuses available to live players are also available on mobile.

Set 4

  • Loyalty Bonuses

This type of bonus is simply aimed at making players come back to play. They can come in the form of free spins or as a cashback offer. Loyalty bonuses serve as a reward to online gamblers. It also serves the casino house by keeping the player interested in the casino.

However, online loyalty bonuses are based on merit. A player must reach certain stages before he can be granted bonuses. Online loyalty bonuses also come in different forms and sizes based on each casino’s policy. The rewards of a loyalty program include greater cashback, a special assignment to a customer representative, a quick payout, and other exclusive bonuses.

  • Referral Bonuses

To show gratitude for bringing another gambler into the fold, casinos offer referral bonuses as a code. When the new player registers on the casino site and makes his first deposit, the casino grants a reward to you. The reward may be a cash prize or more money in your casino account to gamble.

Notably, referral bonuses are seldom granted and the rewardee meets some criteria before he can be granted a referral bonus. He must be a regular player in the casino to be granted the reward. Second, the amount granted is a certain percentage of the amount the person you referred to deposited. As such, to get a real benefit, encourage your referral to deposit a good amount. You will also have to remind your friend to fill in your name in the referral query for the casino to acknowledge that you referred him.

  • Cash Refunds

Some casinos do not offer deposit bonuses. In its place, they have a cashback policy. Though the cashback rates are not uniform in every casino, they usually range from 5% to 25%. In operation, a player’s account will be credited with a certain portion of the total loss during the week.

Why Is It Important to Carefully Read the Casino Bonus Terms?

As part of their marketing scheme, casinos tend to publicise their bonuses with a time of generosity. It is important to remember that casino houses are still business ventures which means they are doing it for the money that will accrue back to them. There may be more to them than what is publicised.

Some of the things to look out for in bonus terms are eligibility, minimum deposit stipulated, highest bonus caps, size of bets, number of wins required, and time and withdrawal limitations such as wagering requirements. To know if none of these terms stops you from claiming your bonus, you’ll have to read the bonus terms thoroughly to avoid surprises.

A particular term to note is the wagering requirement usually stipulated before bonuses can be withdrawn. Wagering requirements mandate a player to wager his bonus a stipulated number of times before he can withdraw. Some casinos stipulate 25× wagering requirements which means the player must use the bonus 25 times before he can withdraw.


Generally, casino bonuses are aimed to attract gamblers. However, gamblers can also maximise these bonuses to profit as much as they can. This creates a win-win situation for both the casino and the players. If you’re a new gambler, do well to take advantage of these bonuses while being mindful of the terms that come with them.

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