Buying The Best Gymnastics Gear For Home Use

by Maisie

The procedure of purchasing gymnastics supplies for home use doesn’t have to be challenging. You will save time and money by being aware of what to look for. Don’t be concerned about selecting a subpar product or brand. In order to save you hours of internet surfing, we have whittled down the best. We provide essential information about grips, balancing beams, mats, and training bars for gymnasts.

You must first choose the sort of grip

The palm grip and dowel grip are your options. Then choose between a wrist strap with a buckle grip or one with a Velcro closure. A Velcro wrist strap has the benefit of being simple to use. The grips are simple to put on and require no help. Additionally, wrist straps with Velcro are typically a little cozier. The Velcros tendency to degrade over time is its only drawback. A wrist strap with a buckle has strong holding force. The Buckle wrist strap never loses its firm grip on the wrist and won’t degrade over time. The majority of elite air track mat prefer buckle grips due to their holding capacity.

The wrist won’t slip or wiggle when wearing buckle grips. Comfort is a drawback of buckle grips, however there is a workaround. The majority of gymnasts wear extraordinarily thick and long cotton wristbands because buckle grips may be snuggled down tightly on the wrist. The wrist is padded by the thick wristband. Buckle grips may require assistance for gymnasts to put on, which is a minor nuisance. And finally, it’s crucial to buy the right size. Every brand of grips will have a brand-specific size chart. According to the sizing guidelines, a ruler or tape measure are needed for this reasonably simple technique. You are now prepared to buy.

 Proper balance beam

Selecting the proper balance beam is a rather easy task. There are three varieties of home practice balancing beams. folding beam, semi-high beam, and low beam. As home practice beams range in price from $80 to $350, you need first decide how much you are willing to spend. Make sure you have adequate room at home to operate the beam safely. You need to have enough space on both sides for more visits to Kameymall.


A beam for security. The most adaptable balancing beams are those that fold. Because of its minimal weight and ability to fold, this sort of beam may be moved around with ease. Gymnasts can perform challenging skills on a folding beam without having to worry about falling and suffering an injury because the beam rests directly on the floor. It’s a terrific idea to practice back handsprings on this kind of beam. Saving money is another benefit, as folding beams are typically the least priced. Another excellent option for at-home practice is low beams.

For the safety of gymnasts, it is crucial to invest in a high-quality air track mat. When looking into an air track mat, you should decide on a budget. Prices for air track mat range from $100 to $800. Generally speaking, the price of a mat increases with its size. Choose how you want to use the mat. Are you putting it beneath a training bar for kids? This would call for a landing that is 4 to 8 inches deep. Using the mat under the low beam would require a depth of 2 to 4 inches. A mat with a 2′′ depth will do if you need it for tumbling techniques. For tumbling talents, you’ll need more mat length and less mat depth.

A mat with a 2′′ depth or less will do if you only need it for yoga or stretching. Remember that each manufacturer’s mats will be unique. Although mat square footage may be the same, foam density may vary. Not all 2″ mats are made equally. For stretching or yoga, you need a solid mat rather than a soft, squishy one. Under a training bar, you want a softer mat to cushion a fall rather than a rigid landing mat.


Asking the instructor about their preferred brand and style of gymnastics grips, if any, is the best place to start when looking for the ideal pair. (Click the gymnastics grips link for a comprehensive guide on everything related to gymnastics grips.) The gymnast ultimately has the final say and should be pleased with the quality and feel of the grips, though it’s an excellent place to start. The majority of grips on the market are of great quality, making the selection procedure very straightforward. The grips reviewed on this page range in price from $10 to $55, are of the highest quality, and are utilized in gymnastics competitions across the nation. Before you buy a set of gymnastics bar grips, there are a few important considerations to make.

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