Buying Custom Shade Sails in 2022 – The Definitive Guide 

by Maisie

The Definitive Guide to Buying Custom Shade Sails in 2022 (part 1) – buy custom shade sails in 2022 and save money and time buying custom shade sails.

How custom fabric shadings can work for you in 2022, when the next summer Olympics takes place in Beijing.  The best custom shading products will be widely available worldwide by 2022. In 2018, 95% of custom screens get made from polyester or a polyester cotton blend. In 2020 all custom screen printing is done with Poly-Filament technology using an extrusion coater method which gives amazing results on any custom screen product. The best custom screen printing ink is currently made from Poly-Filament UV stabilized polymers.

In 2020 custom shade sails are slow to custom print as custom screen printers have a backlog of custom orders, and custom shadings will be in short supply worldwide. In 2022 custom Shadings are back on the rise as competition heats up between custom screen printing companies for custom fabric shadings after a drop off in demand from 2014 to 2016.

Custom Shade Sails “Sail” into Demand again! 2020 to 2022 – The best time to buy custom shading products

In 2021 custom shade sails look great with printed logos applied to them, increasing exposure for your brand or logo, increasing exposure for your company or any message you wish to convey. Custom Shade Sails are the best custom screen printing product. They are durable, cost effective and custom printed fabric shadings offer you a high return on investment.

Custom Shade sails are great for all areas including homes, business, recreational facilities, entertainment venues, stadiums or anywhere that custom shading is required to protect people from the harsh rays of summer or winter suns. Custom Fabric Shadings keep you cool in summer and warm in winter while custom logo printed shade screens ensure your company stands out above its competitors through custom branding visible day or night.

We live in an age where custom is king. This article highlights the benefits custom shade sails offer, and explains what to look out for when buying custom shade sails.

What are custom shade sails?

Custom shade sail materials are customized to suit any application or location that requires a custom-shaped solution to provide sun protection. Why should I choose custom shade sails over other types of shading? Custom shades give you the perfect fit every time for your outdoor area. No matter what your requirements or, custom shades will always fit better than standard shade sails. While custom shade sails may cost more initially, the benefits of custom shade sails far offset their initial costs.

When custom do screens print best?

The best time to custom screen print is just before the summer months in May and June. Some custom screen printers take custom orders through winter but most custom screen printing businesses are closed for up to 4 weeks during January with some extra days over Easter as well. Winter custom screen printing slows down around the end of August each year.

What is custom shade sails made from?

Custom outdoor shading fabrics are typically made from knitted polyester or a blend of polyester cotton which can be spun dyed with UV stabilizers added to prevent sun damage. Other types of custom fabric include blackout materials which offer full sun

What else should I consider when buying shade sails? Shade sail installation methods include: – The 3 most popular styles of shade cloth; Open weave, Puddle and Knitted fabrics.   Supporting structures such as posts and frames in various materials including steel and wood.   Installation in a variety of different environments including commercial and home projects (yes, the guy who lives next door to you may well be using our shade sails to protect his petunias.)

The type of fabric that is chosen for your shading project will depend on the local climate conditions throughout the year, so if possible it’s best get somebody who knows what they are doing to advise you on this aspect.

Post and frame options can also vary depending on your location as well as the client’s budget. In our experience, steel is a good choice for 2 out of 3 people; however we recognize this doesn’t suit everybody – which is why we offer a range of custom post and frame solutions to choose from. Some other popular choices include: – Aluminium (tough and light) – Timber (natural and durable) – Concrete (heavy duty but not necessarily budget friendly!)

Now that you know what to look out for, be sure to head over to our shade fabric page where you’ll find all the information you need about our custom shade sails!


If you follow the advice of many manufacturers on their websites, shade sails are made from knitted fabrics only. This is just one of several fabrics that can be used for shading purposes. To avoid disappointment always ask your supplier which fabric they use before ordering your shade sails online. As mentioned at the start, some suppliers only specialize in knitted shade screens so if you don’t want knitted shades it’s worth checking this first even if you do receive an answer to your enquiry as a satisfied customer.

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