Blocking Ads on Video Platforms Is Getting Harder: The Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives

by Maisie

Vanced, a popular free YouTube ad-blocking service, has officially been discontinued. Following a threat of a lawsuit from Google, YouTube Vanced was officially declared to be shut down on March 13, 2022. The program will be deleted from the web in the coming days, while it will continue to run on devices where it is presently installed (and can still be downloaded from the site for a few more days).

Concerned about being able to watch YouTube for free in the near months without having to deal with commercials (of course, you’d certainly like to keep those of your interest – e.g. if you’re an avid gambler, you’d want to keep seeing ads such as the ones related to online casinos with POLi payments) on your smartphone? Here are the best 5 YouTube Vanced alternatives you may use to continue watching YouTube videos without being interrupted by advertisements. It’s worth noting that all of the aforementioned apps function on any Android smartphone, including Huawei handsets that don’t have Google Mobile Services (GMS).


Among ad-free YouTube apps available for Android, NewPipe truly stands out and is perhaps the most popular. Having all of the same functionality as the official YouTube app (and more), NewPipe is an open-source app and charges nothing for its use. What’s more intriguing is that this app doesn’t show anything using Google’s own APIs. Instead, it analyzes YouTube’s regular mobile website to stream videos and block advertising while you’re on the go.

Many of the features found in YouTube Premium are available on NewPipe, including ad-free streaming, video downloads, background playback, picture-in-picture mode, and more. The app does, however, have two major flaws.

  • For starters, the app doesn’t have a YouTube-like user experience, so if you want to utilize YouTube without advertisements, you’ll have to come up with a new design.
  • Second, because Google services aren’t supported, you won’t be able to continue watching the video on your computer from where you left it in the app since the app won’t synchronize with YouTube data centers. The app, on the other hand, includes capabilities such as channel subscription, video tagging, custom playlist creation, and more without requiring you to create a Google Account or even check in to Google.

On your Android smartphone, you can try out the NewPipe app by downloading it from the service’s website or the F-Droid app store.


SkyTube is another ad-free YouTube open-source streaming tool. SkyTube, like NewPipe, runs without the use of GMS. It works similarly to NewPipe in that it allows you to subscribe to YouTube channels, tag videos, make playlists, and much more.

You can block and list authorized particular channels from which you don’t want/want to watch videos with NewPipe’s capability. You can try out the software by downloading it from the or F-Droid app stores.

DNS to Block Ads

This is definitely the best option for you if you want to preserve the basic YouTube experience and don’t want to move to other options. It’s worth mentioning, though, that this method isn’t completely foolproof for the official YouTube app, so you might see adverts now and again. However, if you’re watching YouTube on your Android smartphone via a mobile website, this strategy should work well.

Let’s go over how this strategy works before we assist you choose a DNS ad-blocking provider. At the most basic level, the DNS service disables advertisements. Simply said, the DNS service examines the code before creating it on your device, and if it detects a Google ad, it prevents it from appearing. In a nutshell, the official YouTube app will allow you to watch videos without advertising. Not only will you be able to watch YouTube videos without advertisements, but you’ll also be able to block adverts from all apps using this method, making it one of the best solutions available.

For ad blocking, there are a lot of DNS services available. Next DNS and AdGuard are two of our favorite services. Both of these services are completely free to use and set up. See the explanation on the website XDA Developer for a more complete explanation of how to set up DNS to prevent advertisements on your device.


You’ll appreciate the YMusic app if you prefer to listen to music on YouTube Vanced. YMusic allows you to save up to 90% of data by playing only the audio portion of a YouTube video (both in the background and with the screen off). This program also allows you to download YouTube videos in MP3 format to your device.

It may also extract video metadata, such as the name of the artist and album, and add it to downloaded music. Furthermore, it is compatible with the YouTube app, allowing you to watch videos immediately. Simply share the YMusic link from the official YouTube app, and the video will automatically start playing in the background. You can download YMusic from the app’s official website.

YouTube Premium

This is, without a doubt, the simplest way to get YouTube without adverts on your phone. YouTube Premium is YouTube’s official subscription service that allows you to watch YouTube videos on your device without being interrupted by advertisements.

In addition to YouTube without ads, you get other benefits such as background playback, video download options, and free YouTube Music Premium. Personal plans for YouTube Premium start at $ 11.99 per month, but you can lower your costs by choosing an annual plan, student plan, or family plan.

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