Best Weekend Getaways in the USA

by Maisie

The USA is rich in fascinating places. If you want to arrange a great weekend for your college friends, any city will welcome you with utmost warmth. And in order not to depend on the schedule of public transport and sum a taxi, use car rental services. That can be done everywhere and at very competitive prices, even for students. We have prepared a list of the best country travel ideas.

New York

Enjoy exploring the city on Roosevelt Island Cableway. That is a unique aerial road in the world. People used that transportation to get to work. Nowadays, it is an attraction well-known due to its cinematography. It goes from 59th Street in Manhattan to Tramway Plaza on Roosevelt Island and lasts about 600 miles. Of course, in New York, you can rent a car under 21 yo policy and drive there. But picture the spectacular views from the cabin window! Indeed, that takes your breath away! The tram operates every day with some exceptions for major holidays. Making your plans for the walking tour, double-check the schedule and rules on their website. 

Wishing to know New York better, you may choose to walk from cafes to parks and observe locals. However, do not ignore diverse museums and galleries because they show the soul and tendency of society. For example, attend the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. Moreover, that is a great idea to arrive when it is warm outside. Book a car rental under 21  if you are a young driver and discover all the neighboring landmarks no matter where they are. 


Denver is the largest city at one mile high over sea level in the Rocky Mountains and South Platte Valley. That is an outstanding destination due to that location. Can you imagine the landscapes here? At the same time, it is a modern megapolis with skyscrapers and advanced infrastructure. You will see all the beauty of the Mile High City using a rental car for young drivers. Hit the road to see an unusual Blue Mustang sculpture, a Star Wars fighter jet, and try local delicacy dishes. 

You will not be bored there! The history of the city and the enormous cultural heritage bring special fests to that place. Check out the schedule of annual festivals. There are holidays from Cinco de Mayo from 5 May to March’s PowWow. Also, locals enjoy riding bikes and music. Attend Velorama Colorado Festival in August to listen to live performances and enjoy the bicycle races. Another great place is the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum. That aviation museum is in a giant military hangar of the 1930s. See dozens of aircraft and spacecraft, even the Star Wars X-Wing.


The most awesome getaway begins with the diverse Miami districts and enjoying the vibe along Calle Ocho. Go across the Little Havana center to taste aromatic coffee. Then, relax at Maximo Gomez Park, meet the elderly by playing chess and telling their stories. Look at all graffiti at Wynwood Wall and take many photos there. How vibrant they are! That is the best place to love street art. This one is on Miami’s well-known landmarks list next to Miami Ocean Drive and Art Deco. Deciding to get wheels, install the car rental app to make a profitable deal with a vehicle supplier. Become flexible and save money!

Artists from all over the world created picturesque murals. Walk down the streets and attend the Patricia and Philip Frost Museum of Art. It hosts thousands of exhibits. You will know more about different ecosystems, learn human anatomy, and step into the utter space in the planetarium. Learn about South Florida’s underwater world. 


The Spring Preserve is a green oasis formed by underground springs to the west of Las Vegas amid a hot desert. It lies on the banks of a large water reservoir. Residents officially made it a preserve in 2007. Spend the entire day, forget about the noisy concrete jungles and enjoy the silence. 

Visit it to see lush botanical gardens, a variety of cacti, and desert shrubs. That will be a surprise to meet plants from other climatic zones. Take a walk to the separate pavilion with thousands of colorful butterflies. Then, there are gardens, museums, exhibition floors, and a photo gallery. The most famous exhibit is a gigantic mammoth skeleton. 

Visitors may look at interactive stands dedicated to the history of Las Vegas Valley, its natural landscapes, and the first inhabitants at the entrance to the reserve. Take a walk on the four thematic trails, 3 km in length. 


The capital of Arizona stretches in the southern part of the state. Phoenix occurred in 1881 on the former settlement of Indians. Take care! The climate there is unique. Do not await an ordinary winter here. Likewise, spring does not last long. There is a lack of frost as long as May begins the season of getting warmer. By the end of summer, you have about 35 degrees Celsius outside. Take that into account when you go discovering the local areas and landmarks. Take bottles of water with you! 

Visit the Heard Museum, a local cultural institution, to see the signs of Indian settlements, their culture, and traditions. The museum’s exhibits are priceless! It hosts items of religion and household. You will find a significant doll collection of Hopi Kachina. After that, head to the Pueblo Grande Archaeological Park. Hohokam Indians lived there in ancient times, but a slowly coming drought made them leave these lands. However, the traces of their buildings are still there. Come and observe it yourself!

Every tourist has a favorite itinerary of where to drive. Travel as much as possible to know your country and create your list of USA getaway places. Have a good time!

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