Best Training Harnesses for Stubborn Dogs

by Maisie

One of the best parts of having a dog is getting to see their personality come through in their actions and attitude. Unfortunately, some pups can be stubborn, showing off that personality when you’d rather have them listen to you. 

Training harnesses are a fantastic buying option for anyone who wants to invest in their dog’s relationship and training. This is what you should look for in a good one.

Solid Material

The most important thing your harness should have is heavy-duty material, especially for a stubborn dog. It should be comfortable enough against their fur that it won’t leave them itchy or annoyed but sturdy enough that if they pull against it or attempt to chew it, they won’t get very far. The average harness should last at least a year with no signs of wear and tear.

Comfortable Behind Legs

Every dog’s body is built differently, but their harness should hug their body like it’s custom to them. A good dog harness will sit at least two inches away from their front armpits, not pinching in too tight so that it doesn’t’ restrict movement. 

Loose Enough to Move In

The harness shouldn’t feel painted onto your dog. Not only will a harness that’s too tight feel uncomfortable on your dog, but it will also restrict movement so they can’t reach their full range. Instead, feel around the harness and make sure you can at least get two fingers between their harness and their fur.  

Secure Enough to Stay on

Your harness needs to be able to stay on your dog! Perhaps the most important part of the harness is its ability to stay on even the most stubborn of dogs. If it falls off at the wrong moment, it can put both you and your dog at risk. Look for one with adjustable straps that let you give your dog a bespoke fit. 

Reduce Stress on Neck and Joints

Collars are one of the worst things about actively walking your dog. Although it’s good to have a collar for instant identification purposes and to wear when you’re not walking them on a harness: you need a harness.

This is especially true for breeds like pugs and Boston terriers, which have shorter necks and are less likely to have a healthy relationship with exercise if walked on a leash and collar. 

Allows You to Guide Your Dog

The best part of a harness is it helps you guide your stubborn dog in a way that works. A collar would simply slightly chokes your dog or turn their head, but a harness guides their whole body as a unit, making a more easy approach to guiding them on a walk or exercise than you would get otherwise. This is an awesome choice above a collar and leash.

A Stubborn Dog Needs a Harness That Works

Your pup might push back against what you want them to do, but the right harness can help you guide them into the best behavior. The first step to creating a good relationship with your dog is a good harness. 

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