Best Tips To Ship Small Items At A Low Price

by Maisie

Shipping small items is often straightforward. You can drop them off at the nearest courier or your local post office. You don’t have to call for pick up since you can drive the items with you along the way. 

Small items fit in padded mailers, small parcels, tubes, and envelopes. Often, people send it for personal reasons as a gift to their friends and loved ones. Also, you can have your small packages delivered outside the country. In addition, merchants ship their small products based on their customer’s orders. Their buyers receive their orders from wherever part of the world they may be. 

But there are some people and business owners who find such shipments expensive. You might not be aware, but size, packaging materials, and destination affect the shipping cost. Find out how you can ship small items without breaking the budget. 

Factors Affecting The Shipping Costs Of Small Items

You must consider several factors to ship small items at a low price. Check it out!

Package weight

Weight is a vital aspect you consider the cost of shipping small items. Fortunately, most small items are light, but not all. So it won’t be that high if you compare the shipping rate with a heavyweight package. But there are instances when a box might be large but light in weight. Therefore, it might be cheaper than a small but heavy parcel. So always check the weight of the package. 

Package dimension

Aside from the weight, measuring the dimension is a crucial factor that dictates the shipping cost. You must consider accurate measurement of the length, width, and height. Some package fits in envelopes which is at a lower price. Meanwhile, others are best shipped in small boxes. However, it calls for an increase in the shipping rate. 

Shipping providers depend on how much space your package will occupy once they load it in the truck. Therefore, a smaller package dimension equates to a lower shipping cost. 

Speed delivery

If you want your small package to receive its destination fast, anticipate a higher shipping cost. Often, it comes with an overnight or next-day shipping service. However, standard delivery takes two to three days, so you won’t have to pay extra. 

Another consideration with the delivery speed the how delicate your small item is. Does it need to be delivered within 24 hours, or can it wait a few more hours? It is typical with food products and high-value items. 

Shipping zone

Sometimes, the products of merchants came from warehouses. You must check the package’s origin and destination address when an order arrives. International shipments cost more than domestic shipments. Further distance means higher shipping expenses. 

Number of small items to ship

Shipping multiple small items cost more, especially for the same destination. Sometimes, it is more convenient to box it. It lowers the shipping rate and adds extra protection to your parcels. 


Small but vulnerable items need extra care when handled. If this is the case, you must add more padding to avoid shifting during transit. So you need to pack it in a larger box to accommodate the appropriate amount of cushion. But, as a result, it might increase the shipping rate. 

Insurance Fee

Every package, whether big or small, calls for insurance. It ensures security and lowers the risk of damaged or lost items while your goods are in transit. It might cost you high, but the benefits it carries are immeasurable. Various shipping providers offer discounts and promos. Shop around first, which charges a reasonable fee. 

How To Ship Small Items

You don’t have to stress yourself much if you plan to ship small items. It is more manageable than shipping fragile, high-value, large, and heavy products. However, you still need to secure your packaging and shipping details when sending small things. Follow these tips how. 

Pack small items securely.

Proper custom packaging is still necessary. Small items often have their own, but you can add another for protection and branding. You can use these standard types of packages. 

Envelopes and padded mailers. Suitable for single small items. Lighter and more affordable but is more susceptible to damage.

Tubes. Ideal for shipping rolled-up parcels like artwork, posters, and blueprints. Weight is a determining factor for the shipping cost. 

Boxes. Fitting for fragile items and multiple small shipments for the same destination. More durable yet more expensive to purchase and ship small items. 

Check the actual package weight.

The dead weight is the exact package weight. It is often in pounds or ounces. Check it to foresee how much it will cost to ship small items. 

Measurement is a must-have

The package dimension has a crucial impact when calculating the shipping rate. The length, width, and height determine how much space your package will use. 

Calculate the rate

Knowing the actual and dimensional weight means knowing how much the shipping will cost. Using a shipping rate calculator, you must also enter your package’s origin and destination address. It will give you an estimate of the price you must pay for shipping small items. 

Attach shipping label

Label first before you ship small items. Print all the vital details about the recipient – name, address, and contact number. Overseas shipments require documents needed for customs. Then, tape it securely to the packaging. Ensure it is visible for safe and secure transport. 

Top Couriers That Ship Small Items

Various logistics companies offer services to ship small items. You can choose which is more cost-effective for you. 


DHL is a renowned name for delivering successful packages locally and internationally. It offers two types of shipping services.

DHL eCommerce. Ship small items around the globe for 10 to 16 days. 

DHL Express 12. An expedite service that ships small packages worldwide for 1 to 2 days. 


The best company for timely pickup and delivery at a reasonable price. Its services include:

FedEx SmartPost. Ideal when you ship small items less than 10 pounds. However, you need a FedEx contact, and delivery is relatively slow. 

FedEx Overnight. The best choice of urgent packages, but it comes with a price. 


USPS limits weight packages up to 70 pounds. It comes with three options. 

USPS First Class Mail. An excellent shipping solution for packages less than 13 ounces. Most items include documents, letters, and thin-flat items. But it does not include tracking services. 

USPS First-Class Package Service. Ideal for small item shipment of weight less than 16 ounces. Plus, it comes with a package tracking feature. 

USPS Priority Mail. The best choice for shipping small items weighing more than 1 pound. It features package tracking and insurance. 


UPS is a trusted shipping and logistic company that manages all packages. Its shipping services offer: 

UPS Simple Flat Rate. Allows you to ship small items using your own packaging. The flat rate depends on the package volume with a maximum weight of 50 pounds. 

UPS Surepost. Ideal for small shipments weighing less than 10 pounds. But you need a UPS contract and the delivery time is relatively longer. 

These logistics companies are famous for their worldwide shipping service. However, its name comes with a cost. So why not try other shipping providers like Red Stag. Its shipping service specializes in handling heavy and bulky products. Nevertheless, it can keep fulfilling small shipments. That’s why it can also be your next bet when you ship small items. 

Shipping small items call for comparison to get the best quote. Use this guide to cut off the shipping expenses when you send your gift or product order. 

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